WWE NXT UK Results: Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs. Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams

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Kenny Williams is back in action at the perfect time to pick up his tag team with Amir Jordan. Pretty Deadly are new NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and will need some new challengers soon. Williams & Jordan were able to beat Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith last week. This week they match up with former champions Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews!

Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews Show Their Chemistry

Webster would start this match, still having his ribs taped up after his recent street fight with Eddie Dennis & Primate. He’d manage to stand his ground against Williams, and tripped him up with an armdrag. Williams nabbed the leg, but Webster grabbed the rope before he could do anything with it.

Andrews got a blind tag before hitting a missile dropkick off the back of Webster, before Jordan got a tag from Williams. They’d show some technical wrestling skills, but Webster got a blind tag before being backdropped onto Jordan by Andrews. Webster would hit some shoulder tackles in a neutral corner before rolling Jordan to the middle of the ring for a neckbreaker.

Andrews got a tag, and immediately caught Jordan with a low dropkick. Fast tags from the former champions would isolate Jordan, as they worked on cutting the ring in half. Jordan hit a jawbreaker and dropkick on Webster to get some separation, and hit a neckbreaker. Instead of making a tag to Williams, he went for a cover for the two count.

Williams would finally get a tag after this kick out, and he’d attack the back of Webster before hitting some crossface blows. He’d be kicked over to the corner, and Amir Jordan tagged himself in and retake control of the match quickly, with a rear chinlock. Webster flung Jordan off and hit a dropkick, before both men looked for tags.

Kenny Williams Cheats, Amir Jordan Wants None Of That

Williams and Andrews threw some heavy blows, but Andrews took out both Williams & Jordan with a double pele kick. He’d hit a 619 on Williams and a moonsault off the apron to Jordan, before sending Williams into his corner. Webster got the tag, and they’d hit an assisted sliced bread and flipping senton for a near fall.

Andrews & Jordan got tags,and Jordan nailed a superkick to the jaw, only for Andrews to come back with Stundog Millionaire. Webster got a tag and hit a senton bomb off the top, Williams saving the match before the three count. Jordan tagged in Williams, who hit a springboard elbow, before being hit with a headbutt and coming back with a Dawnbreaker Lariat.

Williams had no tag option and got desperate, shoving into the corner with the referee, and hitting a mule kick style low blow on Webster. Jordan got on the apron in time to see this, before Williams planted Webster on his head to get the win.

Should Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams get a title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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