WWE NXT UK Results: Trent Seven vs. Jordan Devlin [NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match]

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Trent Seven is as determined as they come in the world of professional wrestling. When he gets knocked down, he always finds his way back to his feet. Seven failed to win the Heritage Cup tournament, but now he’s got a chance to claim an unlikely championship. He set his eyes on the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Jordan Devlin had a shot waiting for him, but only if Seven could cut the weight and hit 205lbs. This was a challenge that Seven gladly accepted, and one that he accomplished, weighing in at 204lbs. Now, he’s got a chance to become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion, and play spoiler to everyone wanting to see Devlin vs. Santos Escobar.

Trent Seven Wastes No Time Attacking Jordan Devlin

Seven charged out of the gate with some strikes, before dumping Devlin to the outside for another hard chop. Devlin would be scooped up and dropped onto the barricade, and kept outside for more from Seven. Seven would hit a snap dragon suplex onto the floor, all this only getting a two count in the ring.

Devlin would look for the corner for some rest, only to take even more chops from Seven. A hip toss and a scoop slam was followed by a leg drop, but Devlin kicked out at two. Devlin finally got some good offense in as he planted Seven with a uranage and followed up with the moonsault for a two count.

A quick kick to the spine of Seven was followed by a big backbreaker, before Devlin bent him around the steel post. Devlin pulled Seven outside, and hit a back suplex onto the apron, before applying a chinlock with a knee to the back of Seven. Seven took a chop to the throat, before coming back with some strikes in the corner.

Devlin came back with a big lariat, managing a two count before looking for the Four Leaf Clover. Seven fought free and hit a DDT in response, before a flipping stunner out of the corner and an Emerald Flowsion for a near fall. Devin was sent to the outside, but Seven followed up with a big dive before looking for a tumbleweed back in the ring. Seven crashed and burned, and Devlin quickly applied the Four Leaf Clover

Never Bet Against The Irish Ace

Devlin couldn’t keep Seven away from the ropes, and Seven broke the hold before quickly applying a single leg crab to Devlin, but was able to make the ropes. Seven grabbed the arm of Devlin to set up the Seven Star Lariat, but took a headbutt instead.

Devlin maintained wrist control, and wanted to set up the Devil-Inside Suplex. Seven fought back with some chops, and Devlin fired back with some kicks to the face. More kicks from Devlin would be followed by another Devil-Inside Suplex attempt, but Seven countered into the Seven Star Lariat and fell into the pinfall.

Devlin somehow kicked out at two, but Seven set up Burning Hammer. Seven couldn’t hit it, as Devlin slipped behind and hit an Emerald Flowsion of his own. Devlin went to the top rope and Seven chopped him down, before going up top and hitting a release Dragon Suplex. Seven nailed Burning Hammer, but Devlin was able to get his foot out of bounds to break the pin.

Seven looked for another Seven Star Lariat, before getting a thumb to the eye from Devlin, who promptly looked for the Devil-Inside Suplex, and nailed it for a two count. A 450 Splash off the top rope would follow, and that was what it took to keep Seven down.

This was the hardest fought match of Devlin’s reign, and he had to cheat to get past Seven in the end. Can Devlin beat Santos Escobar without using similar tactics? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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