WWE Raw Results (3/1) – WWE Championship Third Time’s the Charm – Bobby Lashley w/MVP Defeated The Miz (c) w/John Morrison by Submission

Lashley won after slapping on the Hurt Lock

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WWE Raw Results returned as the Miz ran into the room with Shane and claimed he defended his championship and won by any means necessary.

He asked what kind of match there’ll be, and Shane said he doesn’t know but he’ll find out.

Miz went on about how they need him as champion and if he loses it’ll destroy the brand and he broke down when he said he deserves to go to WrestleMania and deserves respect.

He then said he’s a main event champion and what kind of champion will Lashley be.

Shane said he doesn’t know but we’ll find out and it’s all up to him.

WWE Championship Third Strike – The Miz (c) w/John Morrison vs. Bobby Lashley w/MVP

Before the match could get started, Shane McMahon came out and announced that the match will be a lumberjack match.

As soon as the bell rang, the Miz grabbed the title belt from the referee and tried to his Lashley with it, but Lashley caught it and took it away and hand it to the referee.

Miz tried to stay away from Lashley and headed to the apron, but he was harassed by the lumberjacks and headed back into the ring and hit Lashley.

When that didn’t work, he rolled to the floor and tried to barter with everyone that he could make them stars if they helped him.

Drew Gulak responded by throwing him back into the ring.

Lashley this a clothesline and followed it with some shoulders in the corner. He then threw Miz across the ring.

Miz headed to the floor and begged Ali for help but he refused, so Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander came over and threw the Miz back into the ring where Lashley shoved him down.

A deserving champion

Lashley hit a flatliner and pounded on the Miz. Miz hit him a couple of times but they had no effect, and Lashley gorilla pressed him to the floor onto Retribution, who caught him and threw him back into the ring.

Lashley then bounced him off a turnbuckle and hit with a spinebuster off the ropes.

Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock for the submission.

Let the reign of the All Mighty Bobby Lashley begin and be glorious

After a brief celebration, Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock again, then tossed him aside and went back to celebrating.

This was a good way to end the show, and we’re grateful the Miz didn’t weasel out of it somehow.

But aside from seeing Lashley get the championship he’s deserved for years and the McIntyre/Sheamus match, this episode was very rough.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining WWE Raw Results.

We had lots of fun and can’t wait to see you all next week.

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