WWE Raw Results (3/15) – Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose Defeated Naomi and Lana by Pinfall

Brooke hit a spinning neckbreaker on Lana for the win

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WWE Raw Results are always up for a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin celebration, and backstage Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose were talking with Lana and Naomi when R-Truth came up to them doing his best Austin impersonation.

They asked him what he’s doing, and he explained it’s Austin 3:16 and they tried to tell him that’s tomorrow and he used Austin’s “What?” line but they “ignored” it.

Nothing like some friendly fun and they all looked like they enjoyed it. It was cheesy, but cool.

Naomi and Lana vs. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose with Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax joining the commentary team.

Brooke and Naomi started it off with a lockup and Brooke hitting a shoulder block off the ropes, and was then caught with a back elbow by Naomi.

Rose blind tagged in and Naomi dropped Brooke with a kick and doubled Rose over with a kick to the midsection.

Naomi then came off the ropes and Rose caught her in mid air and his a fallaway slam and then threw her into their corner and stomped her down.

Brooke came in to hit a somersault elbow, and Rose tagged in and Brooke snapmared Naomi into the center of the ring and Rose hit a running knee for a near pinfall.

Rose puled her back to their corner and hit some forearm and tagged Brooke in before hitting a body slam.

Brooke hit a flip off the ropes for a near pinfall, then locked in a rear chin lock. Naomi fought out of the hold and hit a jawbreaker. Lana came in and spun out of a hold by Rose and hit a Russian leg sweep.

Lana then knocked Brooke off the apron and slammed Rose backward and hit a shoulder block, and kicked her in the corner before hitting a bulldog.

Divide and conquer

Lana then hit double knees on Rose in the ropes and followed it with a neckbreaker for a pin attempt Brooke broke up.

Naomi came in, but Brooke nailed her with a faceplant off the ropes, then ate a kick by Lana.

Rose hit Lana with a right and a suplex as Asuka came out to taunt Baszler.

Baszler handed her titled to Jax and said she’ll take care of Asuka. Asuka ducked her clothesline on the ramp and hit a spinning kick and then pounced on Baszler to pound away.

Officials came out to break them up while in the ring, Rose rolled up Lana for a pin attempt.

Lana locked in a rear waist lock as Brooke blind tagged in, and Rose caught her with a kick, but Lana faceplanted her.

Brooke ran in and hit a spinning neckbreaker for the pin

Brooke motioned to Jax that she wants the tag championship.

WWE Raw Results like Brooke and Rose as a team, but it feels like they’re missing something. Maybe the camera should’ve been more focused on them than the action on the floor? Just a thought.

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