WWE Raw Results (3/29) New Day Game Night; Xavier Woods w/Kofi Kingston Defeated AJ Styles w/Omos by Disqualification; Alexa’s Playground

Omos caught Woods’ kick on the apron and threw him into the ring for the DQ

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WWE Raw Results returned as Styles and Omos asked Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were doing, and they said they have a word game for them to help break the ice and get to know each other better.

Styles said they’re there to fight and the New Day mocked him. It appears they may have had too much coffee.

New Day Game Night

The New Day were in the ring set up for a party, and Kingston welcomed us to the New Day Game Night where they put their team skills to the test.

Woods then introduced AJ Styles and Omos.

The pair came out but Styles was already irritated.

Woods told Omos he loved his mauve shirt, and Kingston said they know that tag teams need to know each other and they have plenty of games to prove who the better team is.

Styles said they know they’re the better team but he agreed.

Charades was first.

Kingston went first and the answer was “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton and Woods got it pretty quick.

Styles went next and had “The Lion King” but he ran out of time.

Next up was pictures and Woods drew “Rocket Ship” and Kingston got it in a few seconds.

Omos didn’t look like he wanted to play the game and Styles went again and drew “The Sun” but Omos didn’t utter a word much to Styles’ frustration.

The New Day called it a clean sweep but Omos told them enough of the games and all they have to do is win the match of WrestleMania and only then will Omos show him what he’s capable of.

Styles challenged Woods, and Woods said it’s all the time they have, so Styles wrecked the set up in the win as the New Day guessed a “3 year old” and other insults.

AJ Styles w/Omos vs. Xavier Woods w/Kofi Kingston

This match started off quickly as Woods locked in an arm bard and Styles poled him in the eyes.

Styles then hit a dropkick off the ropes, and then missed three clotheslines before Woods hit him with an axhandle, then an uppercut to drive Styles into a corner.

Woods slammed his head into the turnbuckle and hit a series of chops. Styles Blocked Woods in a corner and slammed him into the turnbuckle, the whipped him back into the same corner.

Woods ducked a leaping clothesline and hit a chop for a pin attempt.

Styles hit with a knee, but Woods through him out of the ring and nailed Styles with a forearm to knock Styles off the apron.

Woods went for a suicide dive but pulled up short when Omos stepped between them.

Styles used the distraction but Woods was ready and blocked his right and sent Styles to the opposite floor with a dropkick and hit a suicide flip as we headed to commercial.

New Day feels Omos’ power

Back from commercial, they’re in the ring and Styles ate a flying forearm off the ropes and then a heel kick.

Woods then rolled out of a backdrop and hit his own for a pin attempt.

Woods put Styles on the top rope in the corner and climbed up and hammered on Styles, and Styles slipped free of the superplex attempt and knocked Woods off the top rope.

Styles followed it with a neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

Styles went for the Styles Clash but Woods backed him into a corner and hit a tornado DDT for a near pinfall.

Woods then hit a kick and headed to the top rope but Omos pulled Styles out of the ring.

Omos caught Woods’ kick on the apron and threw him over the top rope and back into the ring to disqualify Styles.

He then caught Kingston on the ring steps and pressed slammed Kingston over the barricade.

Styles threw Woods into a corner and Omos hit a shoulder splash type of move.

Styles then said for them to get it down and threw Woods into Omos for a popup powerbomb. Omos then put a foot on Woods’ chest as Style counted to three.

Alexa’s Playground

WWE Raw Results love these segments, and Bliss asked us if we love jack in the boxes, and hers looks and sounds like one but it’s so much more.

She said that centuries ago they used to be called devil in a box and had spells written all over them for a weakened demonic presence.

She said Orton burned the Fiend alive and thought he was gone forever, but Orton was wrong. He was just weakened and trapped in her box.

You can’t trap evil forever and all he needed was time and he’s salivating at the idea of standing across from Orton at WrestleMania.

She added that Orton’s biggest mistake is thinking he knows what’s next, but he doesn’t. She gave us a hint and said at WrestleMania the Legend Killer dies.

She then played with the jack in the box until the Fiend popped out and the camera panned back and he was on the swing next to her.

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