WWE Raw Results (3/29) – Ricochet Answers Drew McIntyre’s Challenge; Naomi w/Lana Defeated Shayna Baszler w/Nia Jax and Reginald

Naomi rolled Baszler up for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned to find McIntyre sitting backstage and looking like he was tired of waiting. He stormed into the locker room to call out everyone for not stepping up to challenge him.

He mocked another one for tweeting and challenged someone to step up and knock him down.

He challenged Strowman and told him to step up.

Strowman said he doesn’t have to worry cause if McIntyre wins he’ll be the first one to challenge him.

McIntyre threw one wrestler across the locker room and challenged Riddle.

Someone grabbed McIntyre and he threw him across the room.

McIntyre got into Drew Gulak’s face and told him to be a man before nailing him with a Glasgow Kiss.

He then told Ricochet to take his shot, and Ricochet accepted after saying Lashley’s word means nothing to him.

McIntyre told him he respects that and he’ll see him in the ring.

Shayna Baszler w/Nia Jax and Reginald vs. Naomi w/Lana

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke joined the announce team as the trend to get as many faces on TV as possible continues.

This should be a good match, and it started with Naomi going behind Baszler and locking in a rear waist lock.

Baszler backed her into a corner to break the hold, and Baszler hit with a shot. Baszler then caught Naomi’s kick and shoved her legs over the top rope.

Naomi hit with a kick anyway (thigh slap included. Yay.) and then tried to catch Baszler with a head scissors, but Baszler caught her and dropped her onto the turnbuckle.

Baszler sent up her arm for a stomp, then locked an armbar on Naomi’s other arm.

Naomi hit a right and a step up kick. She then caught Baszler with a knee and neck snap, followed by a full nelson bomb and a couple of pin attempts.

Baszler went for a Coquina Clutch, but Naomi slipped free and hit a splash before heading to the second rope.

Reginald got onto the apron to distract her, and while Baszler hung her up in the ropes, Lana went for Reginald’s legs but he rolled over her to avoid them.

Jax then got in Lana’s face as Baszler caught Naomi with a dropkick in the corner. Jax picked Lana up, but Lana slipped free and shoved Jax into Mandy Rose.

Brooke went after Lana and she set Lana on the apron and Lana kicked her away. Baszler kicked Lana to the floor and Naomi rolled Baszler up for the win.

This was just a bad match. It could’ve been something great but it followed in typical gimmick fashion as of late.

Elsewhere, Riddle came up to Asuka backstage and she asked him how he’s doing.

He said he’s fine and showed her his scooter and asked if they’re big in Japan. She said they are, then he rode off in what felt like a weird segment to WWE Raw Results.

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