WWE Smackdown Preview (3/19) – Smackdown Women’s Championship Match – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Nia Jax

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WWE Smackdown Preview is all set for tonight as there have been two matches announced and they should be good ones.

We say should because Sasha Banks defending the Smackdown Women’s Championship defending her title against Nia Jax has potential to be a fun one but we expect it to involve other factors.

There’s little to no doubt that Shayna Baszler will be in Jax’s corner as will Reginald.

Reginald’s impact

We’re curious if Reginald will try to win back Banks’ approval by helping her retain her championship or if he’ll stay true to Jax and do what he can to help her.

He’s always told Banks that everything he did was to help her in some way but she never believed him. This will be his chance to really show her he’s on her side by helping her retain her championship.

If he’s going to help Banks, we think he’ll do so subtly tonight as Bianca Belair will play a bigger role in it, and he’ll step forward to cause Jax and Baszler to lose the tag titles.

Since this is about the extent f the intrigue for tonight’s match, we’re excited to see if he turns on Jax or remains true and what hints if any will we see heading into Fastlane.

We mentioned Belair above and the reason is it’s typical WWE storytelling that’ll have her come out to help with Baszler.

She’ll probably cost Banks the match through disqualification of count out, which will keep Banks the Smackdown Women’s champion.

This will help build heat between them and plant doubts as to their ability to win as they head into their match with Jax and Baszler for the tag titles at WWE Fastlane.

Banks will retain tonight either though a win or loss that’ll allow her to keep her championship, and it could lead to a tag team match preview tonight is the WWE follows their recent reliance on gimmicks.

If they decide against the gimmick and just let the match happen it’ll be a fun one as we get to see one of the best in the world face off against one of wrestling powerhouse monsters.

It could trigger a rivalry between the two that could be fun to watch while Baszler feuds with Asuka.

WWE Smackdown Preview has to admit it’d be interesting to see Baszler and Jax hold all the gold for the main brands.

We’ve been fans of them for a while and this would be a great way to start a 6 month to a year long dominance for both of them.

Plus, it’ll put Baszler in a position of power for Rhea Ripley’s arrival on Raw, but that’s a story for another day. Definitely some fun possibilities here.

Who do you think will win and which side will Reginald choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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