WWE Smackdown Results (3/5) – Dominik Mysterio w/Rey Mysterio defeated Chad Gable w/Otis by Pinfall

Dominik wrapped up a sitting crucifix for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results turned in as Reginald brought Carmella some champagne, and she asked him to play a game called “Who’s the Snake?”

He was confused while she went on how one of the took a chance on him to make him a star while he betrayed her by obsessing over Sasha Banks.

He tried to tell her he did it for her, but she said he’s the snake and fired him after knocking the tray out of his hands.

Dominik Mysterio w/Rey Mysterio vs. Chad Gable w/Otis

Gable used a go behind off the initial lockup and took Dominik down, then did so a second time when Dominik got to his feet.

Dominik flipped Gable through the ropes to the floor, and Gable shot back into the ring where Dominik hit an arm drag takedown into an armbar.

Gable rolled out of the hold and took Dominik down with a leg lock, then slammed Dominik’s knee into the mat, then hit a dragon screw takedown.

Gable hit a knee twist on Dominik’s left leg and went for a pin attempt, then locked in a leg lock.

Dominik kicked out of the hold, then hit a set up kick to break loose.

Dominik hit a hurricanranna and then a wheel barrow into a turnbuckle.

Gable avoided a tornado DDT and hit a tiger suplex for a near pinfall.

Gable headed to the top rope, but rolled through hit moonsault as Dominik rolled out of the way. Gable then went for a German suplex and rolled Dominik up for a pin attempt.

Dominik then wrapped up a sitting crucifix for the win.

This was a great technical match between two young talents and we hope to see more of this.

After the match, Rey hit Otis with a baseball slide that sent Otis into the announce desk, and then hit a sitton on Otis off the apron and onto the desk before running to the back.

Rollins never forgets

Kayla Braxton asked Seth Rollins about Cesaro swinging him last week and he said it seemed like forever because it was forever.

He asked why and if she ever saw him ever do that to another WWE Superstar.

He said Cesaro is afraid to embrace the vision and he wanted to embarrass and humiliate him and he’ll never forget that.

The camera panned to Murphy, and Murphy said he was thinking that he could assist Rollins with the Cesaro situation.

Rollins told him to get out of his sight.

Glad to see Murphy back. WWE Smackdown Results hope we see him in the ring soon.

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