AEW Dark Elevation Results: Konosuke Takeshita Defeats Danny Limelight With Wheelbarrow German Suplex

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We don’t normally cover matches from AEW Dark or AEW Dark Elevation here on The Overtimer, but this one really stood out as a must see match. Danny Limelight is one of the budding young stars of professional wrestling, really proving himself worthy in AEW & NJPW. However, he was outmatched by Konosuke Takeshita in this one.

Takeshita is the ace of the DDT promotion in Japan, often being referred to as a hybrid of Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi. He’s taking a small break from DDT, and has settled into a short stint with AEW, leading to this match.

Danny Limelight Isn’t An Easy Draw

At only 25 years old, Takeshita has been involved in wrestling since the tender age of 12, making him a 13 year pro. So he might be young, but has also already forgotten more about wrestling than many his age know. He’d lock up with Limelight and trip him up before sprawling on the mat. Limelight got control with a hammerlock, before Takeshita broke free and used his speed to try to catch Limelight, only to be caught himself.

Takeshita was hit with some kicks, only to come back with a leg lariat, before hitting a leaping lariat to wipe Limelight out. Going to the middle rope, he’d hit a diving senton for a two count, before being hit with a rolling mid-kick and springboard double stomp to the back of the neck. Limelight was keen to keep control, and launched some kicks to the chest.

Takeshita would come back with some chest splitting chops, and Limelight went to the eyes to get free. A quick swinging neckbreaker was followed by a slingshot senton for a two count on Takeshita, before Limelight started talking some trash. Takeshita came back with a forearm strike before catching Limelight with a big Blue Thunder Bomb.

Konosuke Takeshita Won’t Be Denied In His AEW Debut

Showing some respect for his first opponent ever in El Generico, Takeshita would nail a Helluva Kick into a Brainbuster. Limelight was able to kick out at two, before coming back with some more strikes before taking a boot to the face. Takeshita missed a lariat but planted Limelight with a huge pop up powerbomb for a two count!

Limelight would apply a choke over the ropes with his legs to stun Takeshita, before hitting the Symbiote DDT for a two count. It was clearly going to take something big to end this match, and Takeshita hit an elbow strike and spinning lariat. Limelight countered the German Suplex, only to be hit with the Wheelbarrow German for the win!

Do you see Konosuke Takeshita having a future in the USA through AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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