AEW Dynamite Results: Chris Jericho Defeats Dax Harwood With Judas Effect

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The Inner Circle & The Pinnacle has become an intense feud in a short time, with Blood & Guts coming up. Tonight, we get a taste of what will happen, as Dax Harwood takes on Chris Jericho one on one. They each have one man in their corner, with Harwood taking FTR partner Cash Wheeler, and Jericho has Sammy Guevara. Anyone else from either faction will need to get past Mike Tyson if they want to get to the ring, as he plays the enforcer role. Earlier in the night, MJF slipped Tyson a blank check to try and get him to help The Pinnacle, but had it ripped up.

Dax Harwood Came To Fight

Tully Blanchard would be sent to the back as per the rules of the match, and Harwood settled in for the biggest match of his career. He’d throw punches to Jericho before being dropped with a forearm shot. Jericho grabbed a steel stair, but Mike Tyson didn’t let him use it.

Harwood ran Jericho down and grabbed the bat of Jericho, and Tyson disarmed him too. Jericho took advantage and ran him into the barricade before this brawl spilled to the crowd. Back into the ring, Harwood would be able to take Jericho down, and yanked on the face. Space would be found by Jericho, who nailed some chops and lariats in the corner.

Harwood went to the table seemingly to get his stitches checked, but got a sneaky shot with the microphone when Jericho came in. Jericho came back with a pen to the forehead, before grabbing a camera and going first person as he hit a kick to Harwood. Back in the ring, Harwood took advantage again and threw Jericho into the steel ring post.

Throughout the break, Harwood would mainly just get into the face of Mike Tyson, showing that he doesn’t fear the boxing legend. Jericho was put on the top rope for a superplex, but took Harwood down with a headbutt and soared off the top rope with a crossbody.

Chris Jericho Nails Judas Effect Amidst A Wild Brawl

Harwood was dropped by two shoulder tackles, before Jericho went to the top rope again and hit a double axe handle. The running bulldog and Lionsault followed, before dropping Harwood again with a lariat. Harwood came back with a slingshot powerbomb, getting a near fall, but missed the diving headbutt.

Jericho looked to apply the Liontamer in the middle of the ring, but Cash Wheeler broke it with a cheap shot. Tyson was going to deal with Wheeler, but Guevara took him out first. Harwood was distracted but managed to dodge Judas Effect to hit the brainbuster for a near fall.

Jericho nailed The Codebreaker, as the rest of Pinnacle & Inner Circle came out to the ramp with a brawl. Wheeler grabbed the bat, but Tyson knocked him out. In the ring, Jericho hit Judas Effect for the win.

Who will win the war between The Pinnacle & The Inner Circle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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