AEW Dynamite Results: Christian Cage Gets Mauled By Team Taz

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Christian Cage had a mission in AEW, that being to show that even at 47 years old, he can still out-work everyone when he beat Frankie Kazarian in an epic match. He even caught the attention of Team Taz, who wants to add him to their ranks. The offer was made last week, but Taz didn’t get a response. This week on Dynamite, Christian has an open contract, and just needs an opponent for this week, but first he’d be interviewed in the ring.

Team Taz Doesn’t Like The Answer Of Christian Cage

During the interview with Tony Shiavone, Christian would be interrupted by Team Taz. Taz was wondering if Christian was in or out, and simply put: Christian didn’t come to AEW to help fix Taz’s faction, and wanted nothing to do with them. Taz would rip into Christian, before Powerhouse Hobbs made his way to the ring without a word. There was an open contract, but there would be no bell rung.

Christian was dropped after Hook ran a distraction, and Hobbs ran through him. Hobbs took Christian to the outside, and threw him into the barricade before nailing a flapjack on the outside. Christian was regretting not joining up with Team Taz as Hobbs stomped his head into the steel steps.

If the bell had rung, this would have been a no-contest anyways, but no matter what, Powerhouse Hobbs was going to come out looking like the winner. He absolutely tore into Christian, and isn’t even the most dangerous member of Team Taz. It’s clear that this feud is just getting started, but you have to wonder if Christian will find an ally in Brian Cage, who seems to be on the way out of Team Taz at the moment.

The match between Hobbs & Christian was signed for next week, who will walk away with the win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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