AEW Dynamite Results: Darby Allin Catches Jungle Boy With Last Supper To Retain The TNT Championship

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The past three weeks of AEW Dynamite has had Darby Allin defending his TNT Championship, and tonight will be no exception. John Silver, JD Drake, & Matt Hardy all failed to take out Darby Allin. Tonight, Jungle Boy was handpicked by Tony Khan to be the challenger, and this is a man who can beat anyone on any given night. Add in the abuse that Allin has taken in each of his recent title defenses, and Jungle Boy is as good as they come.

As soon as the bell rang, they’d stare each other down. This one has TV time remaining as a limit, and a slow start would be dangerous. They locked up, and Allin shoved Jungle Boy into the corner before giving a clean break. The pace picked up as Allin was nearly caught with a crucifix pin, and he’d catch Jungle Boy with a headlock.

Allin was sent off the ropes and Jungle Boy caught him with another close pinfall attempt, before going to work on the arm of the TNT Champion. Jungle Boy lost grip of Allin briefly, before taking him down with a deep armdrag.

Allin hit a high flying armdrag of his own before staring Jungle Boy down, who promptly picked the leg and went for the Snare Trap. A quick rope break would ensure he didn’t get trapped, and Allin came back with some quick strikes before this one turned into an outside brawl.

Jungle Boy took some chops by the steel ring post, before Allin took them both over the barricade, crashing onto concrete. Allin hit his head on the way down, before being thrown over the barricade to the mats at ringside. Back in the ring, Allin kicked out at one despite all that damage.

Allin got back into the fight with some strikes in the corner, before being thrown into the corner by Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy tried to go to the top rope, before being met by Allin and taken down with a superplex, but neither man could make a cover after a hard impact.

Darby Allin Slips Away With The Win

Allin got a kick to the face before being thrown into the corner with a suplex, before a German Suplex & Tiger Suplex got a near fall for Jungle Boy. Stundog Millionaire would stun Jungle Boy after he went for a clothesline, and got a near fall. Allin hit some coffin splashes, but Jungle Boy countered with double knees and a body scissor driver.

Jungle Boy followed Allin to the outside with a suicide dive through the ropes, before a flipping senton over the top rope. Allin was pulled to the apron, and Jungle Boy wanted to bring him into the ring with a suplex. Jungle Boy was choked over the ropes by Allin, who was turning this into a fight. He’d hit a coffin drop onto the apron, before both men rolled to the floor.

Allin would be hit with a lariat, brainbuster, and sliding elbow strike for a near fall on Allin. Snare Trap would be applied, and Allin was fading fast. He’d pull to the ropes, and Jungle Boy pulled him back into the middle of the ring and reapplied the hold. Allin pulled the hair and attacked the eyes to get free, dirty but effective.

Jungle Boy would be rolled up with Last Supper, ending this one in a flash. After the match, Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky attacked Darby Allin, and Lance Archer made the save before taking a double low blow. Sting came with his bat, and Page & Sky fled. What will become of this ending brawl? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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