AEW Dynamite Results: Darby Allin Counters Preston Vance’s Full Nelson To Retain TNT Championship

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Five defenses in a row on AEW Dynamite is what the goal for Darby Allin is tonight as he defends the TNT Championship against Preston Vance of The Dark Order. However, this match has extra meaning in a few different ways than what it first looks like.

Firstly, the last time Darby Allin defended against a member of Dark Order with John Silver, Silver worked most of the match with one good arm. Secondly, Vance was the handpicked man for Brodie Lee, the former TNT Champion himself. Allin wants to prove he’s better than Lee’s protege, and Vance has a chance to bring the belt back home.

Preston Vance Shows He’s Ready For This Spot

Allin & Vance would circle the ring before they locked up in the middle of the ring, and Vance showed his size edge. He’d lift Allin up onto the corner with ease, just a show of power. Allin came down and got a side headlock, before being sent off the rope for a huge shoulder tackle.

Vance would suplex Allin into the ring but Allin slipped out and landed on his feet. Allin got over powered with a backbreaker, before being thrown into the corner. Vance pulled Allin out of the corner to look for a powerbomb, but Allin slipped out and hit a chop block.

Allin came off the ropes with a dive, but was swatted out of the sky before taking a heavy forearm smash. Vance held him upside down for ten seconds before dropping him with a suplex, getting a near fall. Allin was struggling to get back into the one, but the frequency of defenses might just have finally gotten to him.

Allin would struggle back to this feet before taking a pump kick from Vance, sending him right back down. Vance threw him off the ropes for a press slam, but Allin wiggled into a pinfall before being dropped with a spinebuster.

Darby Allin Will Not Be Stopped

Allin would be powerbombed into the mat for a two count, and Vance only used one arm for this. Vance would take a stunner from Allin before the armbar would be applied in the middle of the ring, but he was able to slip to the ropes and take refuge outside. Allin followed, but was driven into the ring apron.

Back on the apron, Allin stomped the hand of Vance before diving off the top rope onto Vance. Behind the back of the official who was distracted by Sting & Dark Order, Ethan Page sent Allin off the ring post and put him into the ring.

Vance hit the wheelbarrow German Suplex for a two count, and Allin was getting desperate. He went after the mask of Vance, and went for a Coffin Drop off the ropes. Vance caught him in a Full Nelson, and Allin was fading fast. One quick move in the apron would let Allin reverse the hold into a pinfall, and get the win from the jaws of defeat.

After the bell, Page & Scorpio Sky beat down Allin. Will Ethan Page be up for a defense next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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