AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page Submits Ricky Starks To Extend Win Streak

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Right now in AEW, Hangman Page is on a 8 match singles win streak, and has been able to climb to the #1 spot on the men’s rankings Right behind him is Ricky Starks, who has won ten straight singles matches. Those were smaller matches he had won, but an impressive win streak all the same. Tonight, he has a big match against Hangman Page, and a win here would skyrocket Starks up the rankings. This is a match between two of the best in the world, and someday this could be the main event of an AEW PPV.

Ricky Starks Was Seconds Away

Starks started with a quick rear waist lock before Page slipped out and hit a boot to the face. Page had Starks run the ropes, but caught the leapfrog attempt by catching him into a powerslam. Starks was sent over the top rope, and while he dodged the first springboard lariat from Page, he was caught with the second and sent to the floor.

Page would follow Starks with a vaulting press before getting back into the ring. Starks was picked up and hit with the Pumphandle Suplex, Page bridging into a pinfall attempt to get two. Page would run towards Starks, and get thrown into the middle rope. Another throw into the corner would drop Page, before Starks hit a forearm shot to the back.

Page would come back with a big lariat, before catching Starks with the fallaway slam. A vertical drop brainbuster would get Page a two count, but Starks was staying in this one. Starks would dodge the sliding lariat, before hitting a sit out powerbomb for the two count.

Hangman Page Has A New Tool In His Arsenal

Setting up a second powerbomb saw Starks driven into the corner. He’d kick and punch to free himself from Page, before going up top. Page met him on the top rope and hit a Fallaway Slam off the top rope. Starks walked into a big lariat from Page, but was able to kick out.

Page would slip to the apron, and got into the position for the Buckshot Lariat. Starks was able to dodge and hit a quick spear, taking Pages breath away for a two count. He’d set up Roshambo, but Page countered into a Bulldog Choke, and hooked the ankle as well to get the win.

After the match, Hook would hit a chop block to the knee of Page after Taz warned him to watch his back. Page would be beat down two on one, and Cage came to the ring. He’d look for the powerbomb, but Dark Order saved Page. Will Hangman Page officially join the Dark Order soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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