AEW Dynamite Results: Hikaru Shida Defeats Tay Conti With The Katana, Retains AEW World Women’s Championship

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At 333 Days and seven title defenses, the reign of Hikaru Shida in AEW as Women’s Champion is going to be hard for anyone to top. She’s been essentially unbeatable, but tonight Tay Conti is stepping up her biggest match ever. Conti has been winning match after match, and has climbed up to the #1 rank in the AEW Women’s division.

This will be her first title match in AEW, and with #TayDay being a top trend amongst wrestling fans today, it’s clear who the people want as a winner. But Shida wants to hold this belt until packed crowds are back, and she’s getting closer and closer.

There was a lot of respect between both these women coming into this match, hopefully giving us a nice clean fight here. They would bow before getting into the match, locking up with Conti pushing Shida to the ropes. Shida threw a blow and Conti dodged, before they’d just stand and throw blows in the middle of the ring.

Conti took some hard knee strikes from Shida, before applying a headlock and throwing Shida to the mat. Two running knee strikes to the jaw would stun Shida, before Conti looked for a double wrist lock, while also applying pressure on the waist. Shida got the ropes and slipped to the outside, before dodging a kick from Conti.

She’d trip up Conti and hit the running knee strike to Conti hanging off the apron, before hitting an enziguri on the floor. A delayed brainbuster on the thin mats that surround the ring would punish the challenger, before sending her back into the ring. Shida applied a bow & arrow hold, before moving into a camel clutch in unique fashion.

Conti would pivot to reach the ropes, and Shida didn’t hold on for any extra damage, but would kick Conti while she’s in the ropes. Shida picked her up for a backbreaker, having picked that lower back as a target. Conti would take a running knee in the corner, but kicked out at two.

Another camel clutch was applied, while Shida talked trash. As Conti fought more and more, Shida is getting a bit more nasty. She’d trip Conti onto the middle rope and hit a knee to the back of the head, before bringing her back in the hard way with a suplex. Conti sprung to her feet and hit a pump kick, a show of fighting spirit before she fell.

Having a second to catch her breath allowed Conti to catch her second wind, hitting some rapid judo throws and a German Suplex. A pump kick in the corner stunned Shida, before Conti set her up across the top rope and hit a senton across the back for a two count. The DDTay was set up, but Shida was able to block.

Conti took a jumping knee strike and was dropped with the Falcon Arrow for a two count. Shida looked for Tamashi, but Conti grabbed her leg as she was ready to take off. Conti would be hit with Witches Shot, the backbreaker across the top turnbuckle. Shida looked for Katana, but Conti dodged and hit Tay-KO for the two count. Conti looked for DDTay, but Shida blocked into a Bastard Driver for a two count.

Shida would take a series of elbow strikes but blocked the kick from Conti and hit a backbreaker before turning Conti’s lights out with The Katana. This was one of the best matches of the AEW Women’s Championship reign of Shida, and defense number eight. Who can stop Shida? Britt Baker seems to think that it will be her.

She interrupted Shida to let her know that she is now the #1 ranked women’s wrestler in AEW. Can Baker end this historic reign? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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