AEW Dynamite Results: Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti vs. The Bunny & Nyla Rose

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Last week on AEW Dynamite, Tay Conti was able to beat the former AEW Women’s Champion, Nyla Rose. After the match, Conti was attacked by both Rose & The Bunny, prompting current AEW Women’s Champion to hit the ring and help Conti out. Tonight, Conti teams with Hikaru Shida to face Nyla Rose & The Bunny in a tag team grudge match!

Hikaru Shida Gets Mauled

Conti has been named the number one contender for Shida, making this a tense team for sure. Dark Order was once again backing Tay Conti, likely by request of her friend Anna Jay. This one started as a brawl, and the power of Nyla Rose came in handy. She started with Hikaru Shida, hitting a scoop slam before tagging in Bunny. Bunny would throw some strikes, before Conti helped set up a big throw from Shida.

Shida went for a submission, but Bunny got the ropes. Bunny was set up on the apron for the running knee strike, and Shida was ready to throw hands with Matt Hardy, but chose not to, only to be run over by Nyla Rose. Rose threw Shida back in and Bunny got a quick pinfall attempt in.

Shida was getting isolated in the wrong corner, and took a nasty back breaker from Rose. She was being bent over the knee, but Rose let her go and tagged Bunny. Before leaving she hit a rolling senton setting up a sliding forearm from Bunny. Conti was getting eager for a tag, as Shida remained isolated.

Bunny Sneaks A Win

Shida was able to dodge Rose and drop her into the corner, before nailing Bunny with a suplex. Conti got the tag, and flung Bunny around like a small child. A running knee strike in the corner was followed by a running boot, before Bunny slipped outside.

Conti kept the pressure on, and hit a swinging backbreaker on the outside. Matt Hardy threatened Conti, before the Dark Order ran to her aid. Back in the ring, Conti hit the Tay-KO for a two count, due to Rose breaking the pin. Shida took Rose out with a knee strike, but back in the ring Bunny hit Conti with a kendo stick behind the referees back before hitting Down The Rabbits Hole for the win.

Will we see Bunny vs. Conti one on one? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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