AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley & The Young Bucks vs. Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers

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Jon Moxley doesn’t have many people he trusts in AEW, and The Young Bucks aren’t among that short list. Despite this, they have a common shared issue with Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers. Moxley was previously saved by The Young Bucks, so he can hopefully trust them to have his back tonight, but he could very well be walking into a five on one trap.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers Meet Their Match

Moxley hit the ring alone after Young Bucks made their way down, ready to fight like always. Matt Jackson would start with Karl Anderson, and Don Callis would provoke Matt already. Omega tagged in as Callis scurred to commentary. Omega would pie face Matt, who tagged in Nick.

Nick broke a wrist lock using some athletics, before being trapped in a headlock. Omega hit a shoulder tackle before sending Nick off the ropes and taking a hurricanrana. Anderson got the tag but was taken down with an arm drag. Gallows came in and took a double dropkick before Moxley helped send him outside.

Moxley hit a dive alongside The Young Bucks, before they’d focus on the arm of Anderson during the picture in picture break. Anderson broke free and got a tag to Gallows. Matt would be the one isolated now, as they’d be making the quick tags.Anderson slowed it down with a headlock, before Matt wiggled free and took Omega & Gallows out of their corner before making the tag to Moxley.

Moxley would trade lariats with Anderson, before hitting a German Suplex. Omega took one next, and even Gallows got tossed. Anderson had a sleeper applied, but used the ropes to break the move. Gallows tagged in and hit a running big boot, before some clubbing blows in the corner.

Moxley was able to break free with a hard strike, and tagged in Nick Jackson who met Anderson. Gallows got involved, but Nick hit some fast and furious strikes in the corner, before hitting a backstabber on Anderson. Anderson caught the slingshot facebuster into a spinebuster, before tagging Omega.

Jon Moxley & The Young Bucks Work Together… Until They Don’t

Matt got a tag, and hit some hip tosses and a back body drop . He’d fake Omega out with a superkick and hit a DDT, and Matt would choose to not hit a superkick on Omega. Omega would slap him across the face to fire him up, and Matt hit the double leg takedown.

Gallows came in and hit a roundhouse kick before Moxley took him out. Omega hit the snap dragon on Matt twice, before a V-Trigger was set up. Moxley hit a lariat and Matt the piledriver for a near fall. More Bang For Your Buck would hit, but Anderson made the save. Nick took out the Good Brothers on the outside.

They’d set up BTE trigger, but couldn’t hit it. Moxley confronted them and they’d say they had this under control. Moxley got tired of waiting and tagged in, and nailed Paradigm Shift. He’d hit a second and apply the rear naked choke. When he wanted a third, The Young Bucks turned on Moxley and hit a superkick.

Eddie Kingston stumbled to ringside and Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer. In the ring, Good Brothers finished Moxley, and they’d pull Omega into the pinfall for the win. Have The Young Bucks finally rejoined Kenny Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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