AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley vs. Cezar Bononi

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Ever since Jon Moxley failed to regain the AEW World Championship at Revolution, he’s been on the mend. Being in a Barbed Wire Exploding Ring Death Match is going to hurt, even if the Exploding Ring part doesn’t really pay off. Moxley got back into the singles groove this week on AEW Dark: Elevation, when he beat Bill Collier by referee stoppage. Tonight, he looks to keep this new streak alive as he faces Cezar Bononi.

Jon Moxley Has A Three On One Disadvantage

Moxley is pissed off coming into this match with Bononi, keen on ending his career to take out his frustrations. They’d trade blows to start this one off, Bononi showing no fear as he backed Moxley into a corner. Moxley blocked a boot in the corner with a leg breaker, before hitting a dragon screw. He’d grapevine the leg and hit another leg breaker.

Moxley would apply a single leg boston crab, but Bononi was able to twist and power out. The damage to the leg was starting to work, with Bononi having a hard time getting to the vertical base. Ryan Nemeth at ringside would trip Moxley up, allowing Bononi to nail a lariat to drop Moxley briefly.

Nemeth ran a distraction as Bononi threw Moxley to the outside, and JD Drake hit a big lariat. Moxley was fighting from underneath, but refusing to stay down for even a moment. Strikes from Bononi were firing him up, but it’s clear Moxley still isn’t 100%.

Cezar Bononi Falls

On the outside, Moxley hit some knee strikes to Bononi, but was beaten down and taken into the ring for a rear chinlock. Knee strikes to the back kept Moxley in the hold, but again, you can’t keep Moxley from fighting. He’d get free only to be crushed with a lariat in the corner

Moxley dodged a knee strike in the corner, causing Bononi to hurt the leg Moxley attacked earlier. Bononi took some rolling elbows and a lariat, before falling to a German Suplex. Moxley hit the lariat in the corner, before hitting Bononi with a superplex for a two count. Bononi was trapped in a cross armbreaker, but Drake ran a distraction while Nemeth broke the hold up.

Moxley dropped Nemeth with the Paradigm Shift, before Bononi hit from behind and set up a Pumphandle Bomb. Bononi would be countered, with Moxley getting the sleeper hold. Moxley would take the big man down, and win by referee stoppage again.

What will be next for Jon Moxley? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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