AEW Dynamite Results: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Laredo Kid & The Lucha Bros

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Last week, fans saw an instant classic on AEW Dynamite when The Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler took on Laredo Kid & The Lucha Bros. However, after the bell, Kenny Omega ruined things by beating down Laredo Kid with the help of Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson.

Now, they take things one step further as Omega teams with The Good Brothers to face Laredo Kid & Lucha Bros in trios action. Laredo knows Omega well after a match over the AAA Mega Championship in late 2020, when it took an Avalanche One Winged Angel to keep him down. Will Omega be able to keep him down tonight on his own home turf?

Laredo Kid Gets Dominated

Before this one could begin, Laredo, Fenix & Penta struck first and fast. Laredo Kid hit a dive before Fenix moonsaulted onto the mass of opponents. Omega was isolated in the ring and took superkicks from all three opponents for a two count. Anderson broke the count up, before a triple dive from Laredom Fenix & Penta took all three opponents out.

Omega was isolated in the ring by Laredo Kid, who hit two moonsault presses for a two count. He’d try to hit the rolling firemans carry, but couldn’t get it. Omega would finally break free and slam Laredo into the mat, and tag in Gallows. Gallows hit a big roundhouse kick, before sending Laredo into the corner for a hip thrust.

Anderson came in and ripped at the mask of Laredo, before getting Omega back in. Laredo was now fighting from underneath, as quick tags were made. Gallows hit a big boot and some elbow drops, before just using his head as he headbutted him. Omega hit a big double axe handle off the top rope, before some mocking shots to Laredo Kid. Gallows was back in for a suplex and leg drop combo.

Kenny Omega Is The Difference Maker

Omega would piggyback Gallows to the middle of the ring, before Anderson hopped on and caused the triple splash for a two count. Laredo Kid was showing his grit, and would hit a DDT on Gallows to finally get free. Penta tagged in and hit slingblades on Anderson & Omega, before Fenix hit a double cutter. Anderson was pulled to the corner and hit with a variety of blows from the top rope and in the corner, before Gallows & Omega tripped up Laredo & Penta.

Fenix was now attacked three on one, but Penta saved his brother when a pin was attempted. Anderson sized him up for the single leg dropkick for a two count. Gallows came in, and they’d set up Magic Killer but Penta made the save. Omega tried to help out, but took a Canadian Destroyer.

Anderson picked Fenix out of the sky with a spinebuster, but Laredo Kid broke the pinfall up. We were back to Omega & Laredo, and Laredo was in control until Omega countered a dropkick into a powerbomb and nailed a V-Trigger knee strike. Omega would set up One Winged Angel but was countered and sent outside.

Gallows & Anderson met Lucha Bros, and Lucha Bros won out. Omega & Laredo were back in the ring, and Laredo blocked a V-Trigger and hit a driver for the near fall. Laredo missed a Phoenix Splash, wiped out with a V-Trigger and dropped with One Winged Angel.

Moxley would come to the ramp, and stare down his biggest rival. He was backed with the Young Bucks, and they’d clear the ring. Can Moxley & Young Bucks stop Omega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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