AEW Dynamite Results: Kris Statlander Defeats Penelope Ford Via Big Bang Theory

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Tonights only announced women’s match for AEW Dynamite is a great one on paper at least. Kris Statlander returned during Arcade Anarchy, helping to neutralize Penelope Ford for The Best Friends. By ‘neutralize’ I mean she drove her head first through a table. Matches have been made from less than this, and these two will likely want to tear each other apart.

Adding more spice to the situation is Kip Sabian will be at ringside. He’s been the target of Miro since Arcade Anarchy, and Miro claims he just wants to speak with Kip, but we will see what happens when Miro actually knows where Kip is tonight.

Kris Statlander Stops Penelope Ford, and Boops Her Nose

Ford & Statlander started off by throwing some blows, but Statlander hit a snap powerslam on Ford. A press slam dropped Ford and sent her to the outside. Ford would trip Statlander up and spin her into a forearm strike, before losing control. Statlander booped the nose of Ford and sent her back into the ring, but Statlander took too long to get into the ring.

A pump kick to the jaw dropped Statlander, before Ford hit a slingshot foot stomp. Statlander was thrown into the barricade, and back in the ring she would be choked on the ropes by Ford. Statlander would regain control with a Blue Thunder Bomb, getting a two count. Ford came back with a German Suplex, before a bulldog into the corner.

A jumping neckbreaker off the top rope got a near fall, before Statlander kicked her in the head and hit the Solar Eclipse for a two count. Ford hit a spinning back kick for a two count, but Statlander countered a handspring elbow into Big Bang Theory for the win.

Will Kris Statlander ever become the AEW Women’s World Champion? Is Kip Sabian going to survive talking to an angry Miro? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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