AEW Dynamite Results: Mike Tyson Is Back To Help Out Chris Jericho

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It’s been quite some time since the legendary boxer ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was on AEW TV, after being around to present the TNT Championship when it was first unveiled. He had set up a feud with Chris Jericho, but that went nowhere and he vanished. However, tonight he’s back in the company, and who knows what The Baddest Man On The Planet has planned?

The Pinnacle Gets Revenge On Chris Jericho

Earlier in the night, Chris Jericho cut a classic promo where he absolutely tore The Pinnacle to shreds verbally, after The Inner Circle beat them down last week physically. They’ll meet in a Blood & Guts match a month from now on May 5th.

For those who don’t remember, Blood & Guts is the branding AEW uses for WarGames, but the previous match was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown. However, The Pinnacle didn’t want to wait that long to get revenge. They’d beat down Chris Jericho as he was interviewed, taking him into the ring and FTR nailing the Mindbreaker.

The rest of The Inner Circle was locked in their dressing room, and had to break their way through as The Pinnacle set up a table. Wardlow wanted a powerbomb, but Mike Tyson wasn’t gonna pass up a fight.

Mike Tyson Takes On The Pinnacle With The Help Of The Inner Circle

Tyson would pull his shirt off and focus on Shawn Spears in the ring. While he’s an accomplished boxer, he’s not good at holding back his punches, delivering some Shane McMahon style punches in the corner.

The Inner Circle would finally make the proper save, and were standing alongside “Iron” Mike Tyson! There was some respect between Tyson & Jericho, who shook hands and buried the hatchet on Dynamite. We will likely be seeing more of Tyson in this feud, as he could be a guest enforcer for Blood & Guts come May 5th.

Do you like seeing people like Mike Tyson on AEW Dynamite? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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