AEW Dynamite Results: MJF Has A Gift For The Pinnacle, The Inner Circle Returns

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MJF can be a very generous man when he chooses to do so. Tonight, he’s in the giving mood to his friends in The Pinnacle. Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood, Shawn Spears, Wardlow & Tully Blanchard are all set to get a gift from MJF, but he’s kept it very hush hush what it will actually be. Knowing MJF, it could be anything, but that remains to be seen.

The Inner Circle Are Back, And Finally Get Their Hands On MJF

They were live from the old Inner Circle locker room, and MJF revealed his present. He hired a personal stylist for The Pinnacle, and now they’ll never look better. MJF also hired an interior decorator, and they can fix the stench in the bathroom as well. Clearly The Pinnacle is riding high, and no one can take them down.

However, when MJF opened the bathroom, he’d see some ghost. Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz were waiting inside. MJF closed the door and said they had to go, but was blocked by Jake Hager at the exit. The Inner Circle was back with a vengeance, and they’d start a huge brawl.

The Pinnacle Fall One By One

Sammy Guevara would take out Shawn Spears first with his modified Go To Sleep, before slamming his head in a door. Hager & Wardlow would brawl it out, and Hager put him through a massage table with a chokeslam. Santana & Ortiz took out FTR, and even took out Tully Blanchard. Harwood was bleeding, and Ortiz was covered in his blood.

Finally, Chris Jericho & MJF were brawling in the bathroom, and MJF was shoved face first into the toilet like the piece of crap he is. Jericho said the worst is yet to come, before sending him head first into a glass pepsi machine. If nothing else, The Inner Circle regained their dressing room.

Who will win this coming war, The Inner Circle or The Pinnacle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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