AEW Dynamite Results: Tay Conti vs. The Bunny

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Last week on AEW Dynamite, Tay Conti teamed up with Hikaru Shida to face The Bunny & Nyla Rose. This was a losing effort, as The Bunny would use the kendo stick of Shida to whack Conti from behind before taking her down The Rabbits Hole.

This week, Conti gets a shot at revenge as she faces The Bunny one on one. Earlier in the night, these two were brawling it out and had to be pulled apart, making them eager to start once they hit the ring.

The Bunny Takes Control Early In This Match

Conti & The Bunny dashed in as the bell rang, with Bunny winning out. She’d drive the head of the top of the turnbuckle, before going for a kick. Conti would catch it and hit a shoulder capture suplex, showing that she watched some Akira Maeda matches recently before hitting the pump kick in the corner.

A face wash kick sent Bunny to the outside, but she was able to block the PK and drop Conti face first off the apron. Bunny hit a snap suplex on the floor, before driving her into the barricade. Back in the ring, Conti refused to stay down as Bunny hit a hard knee lift.

Conti got an inside cradle for a near fall, before Bunny hit a running lariat for a two count of her own. Bunny applied a grounded Cobra Clutch, and Conti was close to tapping out but got the ropes.

Tay Conti Gets An Assisted Win

Bunny would apply the straight jacket clutch, but Conti got an arm free before being sent to the mat again. Conti would finally pull out those snappy judo throws that make her so fun to watch, before she hit a big backbreaker. Bunny fought back with a superkick, before setting up Down The Rabbit Hole.

Matt Hardy tried to run a distraction, but Bunny almost ran into him. Conti set up the Tay-KO, but only got a two count. Hikaru Shida had come to ringside for a closer look at this match, and Bunny took a sheep shot and hit Conti with the kendo stick again. Shida got up and took the stick back, Conti recovered and hit the DD-Tay for the win.

Will Tay Conti be able to become the next AEW World Women’s Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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