AEW Dynamite Results: The Factory Defeat The Nightmare Family, Cody Rhodes Returns

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While fans aren’t too excited that QT Marshall is now in a major storyline in AEW, it’s hard to deny the talent that backs him in The Factory. Tonight, he works alongside Aaron Solow & Nick Comoroto to take on Dustin Rhodes, Lee Johnson & Billy Gunn of The Nightmare Family in trios action. Marshall beat Gunn last week with some serious help, but this week his help could be legally in the match at least.

The Factory Stole A Bus

QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, Anthony Ogogo & Aaron Solow would come to the arena in a bus they stole from Cody Rhodes. Just a bit of insult to injury. Speaking of injury, Bily Gunn would hit the ring alongside his partners with his ribs heavily taped up, after being punched there by Ogogo last week.

Nightmare Family hit the ring and started brawling, with it spilling to the outside. Johnson went after Marshall, while Gunn tossed Solow into the barricade. Rhodes & Comoroto would meet as well, but it was Solow & Gunn who started the match.

Solow would drop Gunn and tag in Comoroto who used his brute strength to attack the ribs of Gunn. Gunn fought free with a ear clap and tagged in Rhodes, who went for lariats but Comoroto didn’t falter. Comoroto would nail a running back elbow to drop Rhodes, before tagging in Marshall.

Anthony Ogogo Is A Walking Weapon, Cody Rhodes Is Back

On the outside, Marshall hit a snap suplex on his former partner, before sending him into the ring for Solow to keep control. Quick tags from The Factory maintained control, and a big backbreaker from Comoroto would crush the back of Rhodes. Solow slipped in for a near fall, before tagging Marshall.

Rhodes refused to stay down, and hit a signature snap powerslam before crawling to tag Johnson. Johnson took the fight to Solow with a back elbow and neckbreaker, and getting a huge Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Comoroto came in but was sent over the top rope, same with Marshall. Johnson dove onto both men, but behind the referees back Ogogo hit that deadly punch to Johnson and Gunn.

Off that punch, Marshall stole the pin, and The Factory won their trios debut. After the match,  hit Rhodes with the cowbell on a bull rope. Cody Rhodes was back in the bus waiting for Marshall. Will we see Marshall vs. Rhodes soon?

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