AEW Dynamite Results: The Young Bucks Defeat Matt & Mike Sydal Via BTE Trigger

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The Young Bucks have a new attitude, which fans will recognize from their time in ROH & NJPW. They’re done pandering to the fans, and that also means no more surprise title matches. Teams need to earn their shots by climbing the rankings like SCU are, or by beating the champion. Matt & Mike Sydal have a non-title crack at The Young Bucks tonight, and if they win? They get the next shot. Simple really, just beat the best tag team in AEW, and you have a chance to be called that yourself.

Matt & Mike Sydal Start Off Fast

The Bucks had some pretty bland black gear on, a far cry from their usual colorful gear. It’s a new Young Bucks, but they’re rocking some new sneakers again. Matt would start with Mike, locking up in the middle of the ring and Mike was put into a wrist lock. He’d flop around to reverse control, only to take a cross-chop to the windpipe.

Mike would come back with a leg trip before hitting a standing moonsault. Matt Jackson made a tag out, and Nick came right into a deep arm drag before Matt Sydal got the tag. Using his unique submission skills, he’d stretch Nick in the middle of the ring before tagging Mike back in.

A drop toehold into a low dropkick stunned Nick, before a double dropkick took both Young Bucks down. Mike went for a backdrop on Nick, but Matt Jackson got the tag. A superkick to Mike took him down, before Matt Jackson would hit some get some cocky kicks to the head. Nick got a tag, and sent Mike to the outside, before kicking him right in the face.

The Young Bucks Bend The Rules

A slingshot into a kick from Young Bucks rocked Mike, before Nick dove onto him with a double stomp. Mike stayed in the fight to hit a double lariat. Matt Jackson tried for some twin magic, but Rick Knox knows the difference but just let Matt stay. Matt Sydal tagged in, and nailed some spinning kicks before a Fisherman Driver for a two count.

Young Bucks almost set up a Meltzer Driver, but Matt Sydal countered into a Slice & Jawbreaker on both Young Bucks. Matt Jackson took the Double Meteroa, but Nick made the last second tag. A cradle pin nearly took the match for Sydal, before taking failing a frankensteiner off the top rope and landing hard on his knee.

Matt Jackson dodged a high kick by dropping into the splits and hit a Johnny Cage style low blow on Mike Sydal. A double superkick and BTE Trigger later, and this match was over. After the match, SCU made their way down to the ring, to address the change of The Young Bucks. He’d remind everyone that SCU’s next tag team loss is their last, and now they’re #1 contenders.

They want to take the titles away, and they’re just waiting for the Bucks to agree to the match. Could SCU unseat The Young Bucks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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