Boxing News: Ben Askren Apologises For Two-Minute Knockout Defeat

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Saturday night saw the return to the ring of Jake Paul. However make no mistake about, the boxing was definitely an afterthought for those in attendance in Georgia. Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber were among the celebrities at the arena on the weekend, as Paul continued his professional career with another win over former UFC star Ben Askren.

Askren wasted little time in apologising on social media in the aftermath, and threatened to irritate fans more with claims that he had taken a dive after pictures emerged of the former MMA star laughing backstage.

Boxing News: Askren Apologises For Losing

Paul had gone into the fight as the clear favourite in the betting, which was a surprise to many given that he had never come up against somebody with fighting experience previously. However, he didn’t need to break a sweat in the fight on Saturday, as he knocked out Askren inside two minutes of the contest.



Paul was quick to claim that he was a ‘real fighter’ in the aftermath, and it would seem as though another fight only seems on the agenda. The former YouTuber knocked Askren down with a powerful right hand inside the opening round, and the referee refused to allow Askren to continue as he wobbled around the ring on his feet. The former MMA athlete later revealed that he wouldn’t be stepping back into the ring anytime soon, as he announced his retirement from the sport.

Boxing News: Who Could Be Next?

All sights now turn to what could be next on the agenda for Paul. A few of the names already mentioned would illustrate a major step up, which would be a bigger challenge for the fighters he has faced previously with no previous experience. Former Love Island star Tommy Fury was one of the stars to throw his name in the ring, as the unbeaten heavyweight and Paul clashed on social media in the build-up to the fight after Tyson Fury admitted that his brother could easily dismantle the YouTuber.



Other names that have been mentioned would be more concerning for Paul. Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather could be one that would make a mega-money fight, while Conor McGregor was also a fight that Paul admitted was ‘closer’ than many believed. Either way, Paul remains unbeaten, but he would be wary of biting off more than he could chew by getting into a ring with legendary UFC and boxing figures.

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