Could We See Daniel Bryan Reignite His Passion For Wrestling In WWE NXT?

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Next Friday on Smackdown Live, Daniel Bryan has one last chance to unseat Roman Reigns as The Head Of The Table. He has a chance to become the WWE Universal Champion, and boost his number of world title reigns in WWE to six, but if he loses? Bryan is banished from Smackdown Live, because Roman Reigns is sick of dealing with him. This has led some, including myself to feel that this is the way that WWE writes Bryan off TV.

However, there is another major angle to explore, which is Daniel Bryan returning to his WWE roots. He started with the company as part of the first season of NXT, and has expressed interest in heading back that way recently for a list of dream matches. Could that be what is next for Daniel Bryan, should he fail to beat Roman Reigns?

Daniel Bryan Has A List Of Names He Wants To Wrestle, And They’re Down In NXT

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthey of talkSport, Daniel Bryan would react to the claim that Pete Dunne is ‘the best technical wrestler in the world’ by saying the following. “I did see that Pete Dunne did this promo, and it was really good, talking about he thinks he’s the best wrestler in the world. It gets you to thinking. Because I would say when I was in Ring of Honor in 2005, 2006, 2007, in my twenties and it’s like, yeah, these are guys who are becoming the best. And Pete Dunne, when you watch him work… you can’t deny.”

This segwayed into Bryan listing off several dream matches of his down in NXT, a list which started with Pete Dunne. It would also include Bailey Matthews (William Regals son), Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, WALTER, Kyle O’Reilly and the list goes on. You could see the twinkle in the eye of Bryan as he talked about these matches, and that could be what is needed to keep him in WWE.

It Worked Out Perfect For Finn Balor

Take a look at Finn Balor for another example of this. He was spinning his wheels on the WWE main roster, only to head down to NXT and have one of the best runs of his career, something which reignited his passion. Bryan is at a similar crossroads in his career, and it could have the same effect on his WWE career.

WWE knows they have something special in Daniel Bryan, and will do what they have to to keep him in their ranks, and away from AEW. Having him in NXT keeps him close if nothing else, and lets Bryan & fans see these dream matches.

If Daniel Bryan goes down to NXT, who do you want to see him wrestle first? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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