Henry Cejudo Training With Chavo Guerrero For Professional Wrestling Debut

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It’s not too uncommon to hear about MMA fights becoming professional wrestlers. They will often have some great success, as they come in with strong fundamentals in a combat sport that can be brought to the ring. If you combine that with professional wrestling fundamentals, and you can often get a breakout star. Names like Matt Riddle, Ken Shamrock, Ronda Rousey, Dan Severn and more have all made the jump, and next could be Henry Cejudo.

Henry Cejudo Is An Olympic Gold Medalist And Former Top UFC Fighter

For those who don’t follow him, Cejudo is a former Olympic Gold Medalist for freestyle wrestling, and retired from MMA with an 18-2 record. He won his final fight on May 9th, 2020 where he defended the UFC Bantamweight Championship against Dominik Cruz. Following the fight, he announced his retirement.

While many felt that was a temporary measure, perhaps Cejudo decided that there wasn’t much left for him in MMA. He dominated his weight class for seven years, with only two men able to beat him out. Numerous Performance of the Night awards came his way, showing his skill with ease. However, sometimes you need to challenge yourself.

Training With Chavo Guerrero Jr.

After showing up for All Elite Wrestling as part of Mike Tysons posse for a confrontation with Chris Jericho & The Inner Circle, fans were excited about the prospect of Cejudo in professional wrestling. Now, it seems we will be getting our wish, as Cejudo would post a video of himself working out with Chavo Guerrero Jr. to Instagram & Twitter with the caption: “Stay tuned.”

It was a simple drill with Cejudo running the ropes, and Guerrero doing drop downs. Entry level stuff, and while Cejudo looked a bit stiff running the ropes, it’s likely this is just the start of his training. Guerrero was a great name to go for, as he worked with the cast of Netflix series GLOW to put together the wrestling scenes and provide training, and that cast had less experience than someone like Cejudo.

Do you see Henry Cejudo making a splash in the world of professional wrestling? Should he return to the Octogon instead? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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