Impact Wrestling Preview (4/22) – Eric Young w/VBD (Rhino, Joe Doering, Deaner) vs. Eddie Edwards w/Willie Mack, Chris Sabin, James Storm

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Impact Wrestling Preview expects this match to be a war and there’s nothing about a singles’ competition about it.

It may start out that way and could end as such, but we expect it to be a full blown brawl sandwiched between two moments of less chaotic moments.

This will be a great matchup between the two old rivals, and we always enjoy seeing Eric Young in action against Eddie Edwards.

They have a certain chemistry that’s just fun to watch and both of them at work.

Wrong target

What’s really fun about this and their upcoming match at Rebellion is it came about because Edwards and Willie Mack thought Eric Young and VBD attacked Tommy Dreamer backstage at Hardcore Justice.

Young came out and said he’s never lied to Edwards and said he loved Dreamer was taken out, but he had nothing to do with it.

Of course, Edwards and Mack didn’t believe him, and neither did James Storm and Chris Sabin when they came out to help their friends.

This is going to be interesting going forward as it was later found out that Sami Callihan attacked Dreamer to give Trey Miguel a part in the main event.

Callihan admitted it, and it’s going to add an interesting layer going forward as he’s going to fin himself on the hunted list of Edwards, Mack, Sabin, and Storm at some point.

Because of that, we don’t think there’ll be a clean winner of this match as it’ll either be a disqualification or no contest as things break down as they’ll set the stage for an all out war at Rebellion.

It’s fitting given how these groups don’t like each other and even with Callihan’s announcement nothing has changed yet.

Future partnership

If there are matches that bring out the hardcore edge and brutality of years gone by, it’s going to be the ones between these two groups with Callihan circling outside waiting for another opportunity to push Trey.

In the end, we won’t be surprised if Callihan and VBD don’t join forces again in the near future. Callihan and Young share the same outlook and they worked well together before, so why not?

There’s plenty of fun times ahead for all of us, and Impact Wrestling Preview can’t wait to dive in and enjoy the show.

How do you think these matches will play out heading into Rebellion? Let us know in the comments below.

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