Impact Wrestling Preview (4/29) – Rebellion Aftermath – Returns and Debuts – Taylor Wilde vs. Kimber Lee w/Deonna Purrazzo; W. Morrissey Makes his IMPACT Debut

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Impact Wrestling Preview is excited to see Knockouts great Taylor Wilde in action again as she’ll face off with Kimber Lee.

This should be a fun match as we won’t only get to see Wilde in action, but the beginning of a feud with her and Purrazzo.

With that in mind, we expect the Virtuoso to have a hand in the outcome in some way, whether it’s through a distraction or getting her hands dirty.

Even with Purrazzo doing what she can, we don’t think it’ll be enough to cause Wilde to lose her return match, though it’ll be fun to see how far Purrazzo will go.

To be fair, we expect Lee to put in a great effort for them to have a fun match that’ll continue pushing the Knockouts division above and beyond other women’s divisions in professional wrestling.

What’s really going to help this is Deonna Purrazzo feeling like the prey with Taylor Wilde as the hunter, so it wouldn’t surprise us if this is a dominant performance by Wilde to send that message.

We don’t see Lee being taken down so easily, but anything’s possible. Whatever way they go with this, we’re just glad to see Taylor Wilde in action again.

It’s going to be fun to Get Wilde again.

W. Morrissey debuts

This is going to be an interesting match as Morrissey’s opponent hasn’t been announced yet.

After his surprise entrance at Rebellion, it makes sense for him to face one or both of Eddie Edwards and/or Willie Mack.

This is assuming he’s part of Violent By Design like it seems he is, so it’d make sense.

And after Storm and Deaner’s match, this could give VBD a clean sweep of the night depending on how both matches go.

But could Morrissey be facing someone else? He could pick a fight with another giant like Fallah Bahh or even Shera, though we think Bahh is more likely.

Or maybe he’ll go after one of the lighter high fliers like TJP?

Our money is on Jake Something as he’s been striving to make a name for himself and he still has a few bones to pick with VBD.

Whoever steps into the ring against Morrissey is going to have a bad night as we expect him to come as close to dominating as possible.

As luck would have it, most of the giants in Impact are heels, so could we see another giant debut or return to face him after this match?

It’d be a cool set up and make things interesting for a potential battle of the giants going forward.

How do you think Wilde and Morrissey’s matches will go and who will Morrissey face in his IMPACT debut? Let us know in the comments below.

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