Impact Wrestling Results (4/15) Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack Pick a Fight with Violent By Design, Chris Sabin and James Storm Lend a Helping Hand

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Impact Wrestling Results returned to find Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack in the ring and Edwards said they’ve been friends for a long time ad they’ve been in the wrestling business a long time.

They know they’re not going to win every match, and they lost their battle against Violent By Design. He said they’re out there to address how Eric Young thinks it’s a good move to attack Tommy Dreamer at Hardcore Justice.

He said they’re there to make things right, and if Rich Swann was at his press conference he’d be there.

He added when you mess with Dreamer, you mess with all of them and they’re not looking for a rematch but a fight and challenged VBD to come out for their tail whipping.

Young and VBD came out and mocked Edwards for promising a tail whipping, and he said he really enjoyed seeing Dreamer being taken out backstage.

He approved of everything that happened that night and that he’s not a liar. He told Edwards he’d hurt him and take his world title and he did.

He then said they had nothing to do with Dreamer being laid out backstage and Edwards told them they wanted a fight and to come on.

As VDB circled the ring, James Storm and Chris Sabin came out and a brawl broke and and Storm and Sabin took over the ring.

Storm called VBD a pack of wolves that only like having the number advantage and challenged them to join the dance at Rebellion.

Looks like we’ve got another war set for Rebellion.

Backstage Deonna Purrazzo asked Susan if she was feeling like herself and shae wondered who she was supposed to feel like.

Scott D’Amore stopped them and said that under no circumstances are they to ruin her moment after Purrazzo ended her career.

Purrazzo said she wasn’t planning on it, then headed off.

All About Me Premiere

Tenille Dashwood welcomed us to her new show and introduced herself as the guest and Kaleb with a K as her co-guest.

She then introduced her first host Gia Miller.

Miller was going to ask if it was the set for Madison Rayne’s Locker Room Talk, but decided against it.

Gia started to ask Tenille about being the Knockouts top contender, and Tenille decided to answer about why she’s going to win and she listed her social media accomplishments and said it’s her time.

She said she’s face Purrazzo outside Impact and she’s never beaten Tenille.

Gia was going to ask a follow up question, but Tenille took offence since it’s her show and Gia was confused since she was called the host.

Impact Wrestling Results aren’t sure what happened here, but it was pretty cool.

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