Impact Wrestling Results (4/15) – Rebellion Press Conference – AEW Goes Full Heel

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as FinJuice cut a promo saying they’ve enjoyed watching the Good Brothers struggle.

They know how dangerous the Good Brothers are, but they’ve accomplished everything the Good Brothers have done and they proved their better after beating them and they’ll prove it again.

Press conference

Josh Mathews introduced everyone for the press conference but Kenny Omega and Don Callis weren’t with Tony Kahn and jerry Lynn.

Mathews said they’ll move on and the first question went to Rich Swann about how he’s going to overcome Omega.

Swann said he’s battled with adversity his entire life and Omega is everything people claim he is.

He’ll have the opportunity to put himself in that light and it’ll be history making.

The next question came for D’Amore and Tony Kahn and it was about unifying the championship and access to the unified champion.

Kahn spoke first and said he expect Omega to win, and who ever will win will be able to accommodate the schedule.

D’Amore said it’s great to have owners being open and willing to promote things, and he added whoever wins will meet all the commitments they’re called to meet.

Interesting twist

He added they’re doing everything in their power to have a definitive winner and Kahn said he’ll be there with an AEW referee to ensure it.

Omega and Callis interrupted the press conference by making a late entrance.

The next question was for Don Callis and he was asked when will he stopped playing both sides and is he Impact or AEW and he’d make Don King blush?

Callis accused it of becoming a roast and he took over the main microphone.

He said Swann’s a great champion and that he’s advocated for him to come to Impact and to win the Impact championship.

But Omega is family, and he switched into his promo mode as he introduced Omega.

Omega took to the podium and said this isn’t new to him as he’s done it so many times before.

To him, it’s natural just like any other given Sunday. He said he’s a profession and legend and for us to look at how he dressed for this event.

Omega’s history won’t remember Swann

He pointed out how Swann’s never been to an event like this before and how he may be nervous and scared and went to the bargain bin at the local Target to get what he’s wearing.

He added he means to offense, but he’s there to make a difference while Swann’s there because he likes wrestling.

He said he can accept and respect that, but he added that Swann doesn’t belong there as he’s just a means to an end and when everyone looks back, they’ll won’t know, care, or remember Swann.

He hopes Swann brings his A game, and this will be the last time he’ll be cordial with Swann.

Omega offered his hand, then slapped Swann and a fight broke out.

Security separated them as the show ended.

This was an interesting promo overall as it painted Tony Kahn and AEW as the pompous, corrupt heels and Impact as the underdog faces and it should add plenty of fun to the championship match at Rebellion.

Overall, the show was really good with solid to awesome matches and plenty of fun moments.

We’re going to miss Jazz and we can’t thank her enough for the memories, but it was a great sendoff.

What did you all think? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results. We had fun and can’t wait to see you all next week.

See you all then!

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