Impact Wrestling Results (4/29) – Number 1 Contender Qualification Match – Matt Cardona Defeated Brian Myers After Hitting Radio Silence for the Win

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Impact Wrestling Results love Cardona’s new attitude as he caught Myers on the ramp and nailed him with a right and Russian leg swept him into the guardrail when he came out.

He threw Myers into the ring for the start of the match, but Myers hit his injured knee with a kick when Cardona ran in and then slammed him into the mat face first.

Myers stomped him and then slammed his injured left knee into the mat.

Myers then hit an elbow drop for a pin attempt, and then stomped him again and slammed him face first into the mat.

Myers then stomped on Cardona’s knee while asking how it’s feeling, the went for a suplex but Cardona slipped out and landed on his feet.

Cardona sent Myers to the floor and hit s dropkick through the ropes, but Myers threw him into the ring steps then dropped him on the steps on his injured knee.

On the ropes

Back from commercial, the match continued and Myers was still in control in the ring and hit a side suplex for a pin attempt.

Myers then stomped on Cardona’s left leg and then wrapped it around his in a toe hold.

Cardona fought out of it, but Myers hit his injured leg at the ropes, and then pulled Cardona out so we could slam his left leg on the apron a couple of times.

Back in the ring, Myers hit a few kicks on the leg and then slapped in a toe lock but Cardona raked his eyes to break the hold.

Myers nailed him with a right and threw him knee first into the turnbuckle.

Myers headed to the floor again and slammed Cardona’s leg against the ring post.

Cardona pulled Myers face first into the ring post, then hit a knee and a missile dropkick.

Myers hit a chop clock to stop his momentum, and then a DDT for a near pinfall.

Myers taunted him and came off the ropes, but Cardona hit a Sky High for a pin attempt.

Myers tried to crawl out of the ring and held onto the rign skirt so he could hit Cardona’s knne when he tried to pull him in.

Myers this a face buster, then ran into a Radio Silence.

Looks like Cardona’s going to Under Siege. Good match and it’ll be fun to see where this will go the next couple of weeks.

Eric Young’s promise

VDB cut a promo about choosing the wrong path and that Deaner lost to James Storm, but so did he so there’s no shame in that.

He said when the stakes are the highest, that’s when the sickness is at its strongest. But so are they as disappointment and bring out the rage.

Next week Rhino will have his chance and VBD will be represented in the final 6 man match for the number one contender for the Impact World Championship.

Impact Wrestling Results are expecting Rhino to cash in his Pick Your Shot opportunity pretty soon.

An awesome video premiered for El Phantasmo to appear next week. This is going to be awesome to see.

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