Impact Wrestling Results (4/29) – Number One Contender Qualifying Match – Chris Bey Defeated Jake Something by Pinfall after Rolling him up and Using the Ropes for Leverage

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Impact Wrestling Results loved hot the entire roster was banging on Scott D’Amore’s door and he came out and said he gets that they all want a shot at Kenny Omega’s title and he sent them to the ring to address it.

Don Callis came out of his office and told him he did well.

D’Amore told him to get Omega ready for his celebration, and Callis said he’s getting ready for a Zoom call.

D’Amore told him that Omega has to be there physically for Impact and AEW or Omega will be stripped of both titles.

D’Amore told him he doesn’t care how he does it, but get him there. Callis got on his phone and told them they have a problem.

In the ring, Scott D’Amore was in the ring with the roster surrounding it.

He said this past Rebellion was a historic night for Impact and wrestling in general and wished Kenny Omega on his championship win.

He added that it’s pretty common knowledge that traditionally a champion gets a rematch if they lose, but at Rebellion it was unique so there was no rematch clause.

So, they’re going to start a 6 way match at Under Siege for the number one contender, unless Omega doesn’t make it there tonight and he gets stripped, and then it’ll be to award the championship.

He said he doesn’t think it’ll be a problem. He added he loves everyone’s moxy for being there and at his office today, and he wants to give them every opportunity to do so.

There’s going to be 6 qualifying matches this week and next week to determine the six contestants.

He called Jake Something into the ring and said he’s always had the passion and he knows he’s ready.

The first match will be Jake Something vs. Chis Bey.

Number One Contender Qualifying Match – Jake Something vs. Chris Bey

The match started fast with a lockup and Jake backed Bey into a corner, but Bey climbed the rpes, then leaped over jake after they broke.

Bey ducked under a clothesline, but Jake threw him back in the corner, but Bey flipped and rolled out of Jake’s next attempted throw.

Bey ducked a clothesline and hit a sunset flip, but Jake kicked out and then steamrolled Bey.

Bey rolled to the apron, and slipped out of a suplex attempt and hit Jake with a kick and a leg drop off the top rope for a pin attempt.

Bey followed it with an elbow, and Jake tried to fight back and threw Bey into a corner but Bey slipped out of the way of his charge.

Bey hit a leaping elbow, then a clothesline off the top rope for a pin attempt.

Bey pulled Jake up but Jake broke free and hit a couple of axhandles to Bey’s throat, then a couple of rights and a axhandle to the back.

Bey slipped out of a powerbomb attempt, then ducked a coupe of rights but Jake caught him for a powerbomb and near pinfall.

Jake pulled Bey up but Bey hit a sunset flip for a pin attempt. Bey took time to talk some trash to those at ringside.

Jake almost nailed it

Bey went for the Art of Finesse, but Jack caught him and Bey rolled him up for a pin attempt.

Jake then nailed him with a clothesline and then a right before sending Bey into the ropes.

Bey held onto the ropes and took a seat on the apron. Jake grabbed him and pulled him into the ring and threw him across the ring.

Rohit Raju grabbed Jake’s foot t distract him, and Bey hit him with a dropkick form behind and rolled him up and put his feet on the ropes to get the leverage and the win.

Chris Bey moves on. Great to see him back and action and great match!

Don Callis was on the phone and told Omega to get there on the jet because it’s in the contract.

Sami Callihan came up to him and called him the jackal and said he’s in a pickle, and what if everything they’ve been planning goes up in smoke.

Callis asked him why it’s his business, and Callihan told him if Omega shows up they won’t know when or where, but he’s coming for what’s his.

Impact Wrestling Results would love to see Callihan and Omega face off. This one won’t be a squash match, that’s for sure.

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