Impact Wrestling Results (4/8) – Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, and Willie Mack Defeated Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) w/Don Callis by Pinfall

Swann hit a 450 splash on Anderson for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results were surprised when Omega and the Good Brothers went on the attack as the bell rang and Omega and Swann were left in the ring and Omega hammered him down.

Swann fired off some of his own shots and hit the ropes, but the Good brothers grabbed him and pulled him to the floor.

Swann leaped aside and Omega took out the Good Brothers with a crossbody over the top rope.

Edwards and Mack took out Anderson and Gallows with dives, and Swann took out Omega as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Mack in control over Anderson as he tagged in Edwards and Swann, Mack, and Edwards each hit with splashed, then Mack tripped Anderson and Swann and Edwards hit sentons for a quick pin attempt.

Gallows tagged in and beat Edwards down and choked him out, then dropped him with a forearm.

Omega came in and hit an axhandle off the ropes and hit a couple of rights for a pin attempt. He then ground his wrist in Edwards’ eyes, and slammed him into Anderson’s boot.

Omega picked him up and slammed him in their corner and tagged in Gallows.

He and Gallows kicked Edwards and Gallows hit a snapmare and locked in a rear chin lock.

Edwards fought to his feet and hit some rights to Gallows’ midsection, then caught him with a boot and knocked Omega and Anderson off the apron.

Edwards hit a missile dropkick to buy time and Mack and Anderson tagged in and Mack hit a clothesline, elbow, body slam, and leg drop.

Mack then went for a splash but Anderson caught him with a boot and Mack caught his charge with a Samoan Drop.

Mack then caught Omega with a Samoan Drop and hit both with a standing moonsault.

Gallows distracted Mack and Anderson hit him from behind.

Gallows came in and hammered away on Mack and went for a pin attempt as we headed to commercial.

Triple teaming at its best

We returned to find Omega in control over Mack as he hit a elbow drop for a pin attempt, then he faked out Swann before tagging in Anderson.

Anderson hit an uppercut and then ground his forearm in Mack’s eyes. He then whipped Mack into the opposite corner but Mack ducked his bronco buster.

Gallows came in and nailed Mack before he could tag out and threw Mack into their corner. Gallows stomped Mack and hit a knee drop, then slammed him into the turnbuckle.

Mack exchanged blows with Gallows, then ate a big boot. Gallows held him down for Omega to stop him.

Omega hit Mack with a couple of rights and a couple of chops, but it appeared to shake the webs out of Mack’s head.

Omega threw him into tehri corner and choked him out, the snapmared him over and locked in a rear chin lock.

Mack fought out of the hold with some elbows, and Omega countered with a clubbing blow to his back and went for a body slam a trio of times, but Mack blocked him.

When he did get him up, Mack was too big and Omega fall back, and Mack rolled way as Anderson hit Omega by accident.

Swann came in and hit Anderson with an elbow and knocked Gallows off the apron, then hit a step up on Omega and a hurricanrana for a pin attempt.

Swann and Mack hit a double team bulldog for a near pinfall, and Edwards came in and ate a jawbreaker.

Omega hit a hurricanrana and he Gallows and Anderson hit a series of splashes and a triple neckbreaker and Swann saved the pin attempt.

Swann won’t be denied

Omega then hit Blue Impact for a near pinfall on Edwards.

Omega came off the ropes and Edwards ducked and hti a sna German Suplex. Each member came in and took shots at one another until Omega nailed Mack with a knee.

Omega held Gallows on his back and the three of them hit a splash on Edwards for a pin attempt Swann broke up by coming off the top rope.

Swann tagged in and Swann unloaded on Omega, but Omega hit a suplex and went for a one winged angler.

Swann got loose and hit a series of strikes and a 450 off the top rope but Don Callis pulled Swann off the cover.

Anderson tagged in and hit a kick and a neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

Gallows came in and they set yp for a Magic Killer, but Edwards saved him and Mack took Gallows to the floor with a clothesline.

Swann hit a springboard cutter and Edwards hit a Boston Knee Party followed by Swann’s 450 splash all on Anderson for the win.

This was a good match and great ending and will build some good storylines heading into Rebellion as Swann countered the one-winged angel and had Omega beaten, but will he win at Rebellion?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results. We had a blast and can’t wait for next time.

See you then!

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