Ring Of Honor #500 Results: Jonathan Gresham Catches Jay Lethal With Flash Pinfall To Retain Pure Championship

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When it comes to the conversation of who the best technical wrestlers in Ring of Honor are, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham will always be at the top of this list.That’s why Gresham is the Pure Champion, and why Lethal is the perfect opponent for this huge #500 episode special.

They are both members of The Foundation, and former ROH Tag Team Champions, but that won’t stop them from going out and leaving everything in the ring. Being a champion is important, and no matter what happens here, the Pure Championship stays in The Foundation! Like true allies, they’d make their way down to the ring together, alongside ROH TV & Tag Team Champion Tracy Williams, and his partner Rhett Titus. The Foundation is a united front, even when they fight.

A quick reminder of the Pure Rules first you just get three rope breaks and one closed fist punch. Jay Lethal comes into this one with the historical edge, having a 5-1 record over Gresham. However, his 7-6 record in Pure Rules matches is nothing compared to Gresham, who is undefeated in this style of match, at 8-0.

A True Professional Wrestling Chess Match

They’d shake hands before getting ready for a war with Titus & Williams watching on at ringside. Lethal had the leverage edge on the opening lock up, but Gresham grabbed the arm and looked for the double wrist lock. He’d be foiled, and Lethal took him down by his leg and went for a knee bar. Gresham managed to escape, and both men got back to a vertical base.

Lethal pressed Gresham back down to the mat, and held the shoulders down for a two count before Gresham bridged out. They’d trade wrist lock attempts, and came to a stalemate. Gresham went after the arm of Lethal, but had to opt for a side headlock takeover. He’d manage to fight off any attempts to break the hold from Lethal, even resisting the classic counter of a headscissors.

Finally, Lethal fought back to his feet and went after the arm, finally breaking free. He’d hit the hip toss, but Gresham had the cartwheel dropkick scouted and grabbed his wrist to block. A single leg ankle pick rolled Lethal back, before Gresham went for a PK and missed. They’d back off and take a second, as we moved to a quick commercial break.

Back from the break, Lethal was in control on the mat with an armbar. No rope breaks were used during the break. Gresham would manage to nap the arm of Lethal and look to pop his shoulder, but Lethal fought him back down to the mat. Lethal hammer locked the arm and hit a back suplex, getting a two count.

Both Men Attack The Shoulders

Gresham’s arm was the target, and Lethal applied pressure with his knees, before driving his knuckles into the bicep. Lethal would lose control of Gresham, who was able to grab the arm and pop the shoulder with a kick, and hit a snappy arm drag to get some space. Neither man’s shoulder was at 100% at this point of the match, and Gresham applied a high hammerlock on the hurt arm of Lethal before looking for a double wrist lock.

Lethal would fight free without using a rope break, and both men went for shoulder blocks… but with their hurt shoulders. Both men were stunned, but Gresham reacted first and looked for the Double Wrist Lock. Lethal tried to counter with a scoop slam, but Gresham maintained the hold. Gresham would trap the arms and try to pin Lethal with a crucifix roll up.

Lethal looked for the Lethal Combination, but Gresham blocked. Next up was the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Gresham again countered that. What he didn’t have an answer for was a cutter, dropping Gresham right on his head. Gresham used a rope break to save himself, as we went to another commercial break.

It Only Takes Three Seconds For Jonathan Gresham To Win

Back from this break, Gresham had taken a second to breathe outside but dodged the dive from Lethal. In the ring, Lethal would counter a springboard hurricanrana into a Boston Crab, forcing another rope break from Gresham.

Lethal followed up with a wrist lock driver, sending Gresham shoulder first into the mat. He’d call for the Lethal Injection, but the bad shoulder prevented him from completing the move. Gresham tried to take advantage, and Lethal countered into a crossface. The bad arm was trapped in the legs of Lethal, and Gresham had to go for the ropes.

Lethal moved into Rings Of Lethal to keep Gresham from the ropes, but Gresham forced his way there. He used his last rope break, while Lethal still had everything. Lethal would look to put Gresham into another submission, only to be caught in a head scissors pin, and with the damage to the shoulder? He couldn’t get free, meaning Gresham retains!

Who can stop Jonathan Gresham as Pure Rules Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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