Ring of Honor #500 Results: Mark Briscoe Outlasts Jay Briscoe, Wins Via Count-Out

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When you have a big event like the 500th episode of Ring of Honor TV on your plate, you need to have a big main event. There was none bigger that ROH could have done than brother vs. brother. The Briscoes are iconic to ROH, perhaps their biggest names that never left.

They were set to meet at 18th Anniversary, but COVID-19 shut that event down. Since ROH came back, they really haven’t been on the same page like they’d hope, but there’s one easy way to get here. A good ol’ fashioned fight between siblings, with even their father agreeing.

In their first singles meeting back in 2002, Mark Briscoe got the win over his brother. However their latest four matches have all been won by Jay Briscoe, who has a 38-16 record in singles matches over the past seven years. It’s clear these guys are a great tag team, but Jay Briscoe is also just one of the best wrestlers in ROH overall.

Fighting Like Only Brothers Can

They’d adhere to the Code of Honor before getting into it. The opening lock up saw a stalemate, before Jay drove Mark into the corner. Jay teased punching his brother, but didn’t go through with it. Mark countered a backdrop attempt with an elbow, before hitting a running knee strike. Jay caught him with a running frankensteiner, before they’d once again reach a stalemate.

Mark was taken down to the mat with a headlock, before fighting free only to end up in a headscissor. Jay would maintain control as they got back to a vertical base, before being backed into a corner and having his brother’s elbow grinded into his face. Mark was thrown over the top rope and hit with a boot to the face, and Jay jumped off the apron with a forearm shot.

After a quick break, Jay was still in control until Mark hit a running forearm to send Jay back out of the ring, before hitting a dropkick through the ropes. Mark set up the Cactus Elbow drop with a “BANG BANG” before crashing onto his brother. Jay would be hit with a suplex on the floor, before coming back with a hard hitting chop and a big boot on the apron.

Back in the ring, Mark was on the mat and Jay went up top. He’d yell out “Get up chicken” and anyone with a brother knows an insult like that will get you back on your feet. Jay would be taken off the top rope with a slam, getting Mark a two count. Mark would look for the uranage, but Jay fought out before going for a neckbreaker. This was countered, and Jay was thrown with an exploder suplex.

Mark took Jay to the apron to look for the uranage again, but Jay would fight free with some strikes including a headbutt. Jay wanted the Death Valley Driver, but Mark fought him off with a throat thrust. More trash talking came as Mark yelled “Die bitch” as he hit a blockbuster off the apron, pulling out all the stops for this huge match.

Mark grabbed a chair and said he wasn’t gonna use it as a weapon, instead setting up the triple jump splash. This wouldn’t catch Jay, who caught Mark with a Death Valley Driver through the chair, and nailed the neckbreaker for a two count. They’d trade some strikes in the middle of the ring, but Jay was looking for J-Driller. Mark blocked and hit a rolling Death Valley Driver to set up the Froggy-Bow, nailing it for a two count.

Mark Briscoe Outlasts Jay Briscoe For The Win

CutThroat Driver was set up by Mark, but Jay fought out. Instead, Mark looked to set up J-Driller but Jay blocked and set it up for himself. Jay crawled over to drape one arm across Mark, but he’d kick out! Very few men have ever kicked out of that move, but Mark is added to the list.

A rolling elbow and second J-Driller wouldn’t do it either, as Mark rolled out of the ring. Jay followed his brother out, and exposed the timekeepers table. Mark threw Jay into the barricade and finished setting the table up. He’d set Jay up on it, and go to the top rope.

Froggy-Bow off the top rope through a table on the outside would beat anyone, but if he wants to win it in the ring, he’s gotta carry the deadweight in. Neither man had much left in the tank, but Mark made it back into the ring before twenty to win this match. A bit of an anti-climactic ending, but an incredible match.

Will The Briscoes win their 12th ROH World Tag Team Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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