Ring Of Honor Results: Brian Johnson vs. Danhausen

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It’s time to end off the epic trilogy of matches between Brian Johnson & Danhausen. First time around, Danhausen cheated to win, earning a Ring of Honor contract in the process. Next, Brain Johnson cheated to get revenge with a return win. They last met during the opening four way match at 19th Anniversary, which saw Johnson pin Danhausen again. Now, they meet for their third singles match, and this one will prove who is better, once and for all.

Johnson is fighting for the pride of professional wrestling, as he finds Danhausen a disgrace to professional wrestling. He’s the Mecca, and is an equal opportunity asskicker. Danhausen on the other hand, will be looking to fill his sack of money by defeating Brian Johnstone… again. This is the biggest rubber match that we can have in ROH right now, and could go either way!

Mecca vs. Danhausen: Round 3!

There would be no Code of Honor for this grudge match, and Johnson would ask Todd Sinclair to get rid of Danhausens jar of teeth, but would also lose his towel. They’d have to stick to actually wrestling the match, and they’d lock up. Johnson would shove him into the corner, but Danhausen fought out and got him in a side headlock.

Danhausen was countered into a headscissor, and was able to handily wrestle out. He’s not all jokes, dancing and teeth. Johnson countered out and got some elbow strikes, and blocked a hip toss from Danhausen. A backslide would be followed up with a wrist clutch lariat to Danhausen.

Danhausen fought back by hitting the hip toss and setting up the springboard German Suplex. Johnson blocked and hit the Stungun, before setting up the top rope cutter for a near fall. Danhausen would be clubbed down, before being put on the rope for leg drop to the back.

Johnson went up top and hit a diving lariat, before the Mecca Locomotive hit for a two count. Danhausen got a small package to counter the trash talk of Johnson, getting some near falls off various pin attempts. A snap German Suplex dropped Johnson on his head, as we went to a commercial break.

Brian Johnson Goes Low

Back from the break, Johnson was fighting back with some right hands to the face. Danhausen caught him with an overhead Northern Lights suplex, before looking for Goodnight-Hausen, but Johnson blocked. The German-Hausen would hit, but he’d miss the running knee strike.

He’d send Johnson to the outside with a back body drop, before hitting a hurricanrana off the ropes. Back in the ring, he’d set up Goodnight-Hausen, but while setting up Johnson just right, Todd Sinclair was knocked down and missed a pinfall. Danhausen got about a 12 count, but doesn’t count with no ref.

Johnson slipped to the apron and hit a jawbreaker, and slingshotted through with a splash, keeping a foot on the rope… and getting caught. Danhausen went for a O’Conner Roll, but Johnson ran into the corner with Todd Sinclair. He’d hit a blind low blow, and hit Trust The Process to win the match!

Can Brian Johnson beat Danhausen without cheating? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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