Ring Of Honor Results: Eli Isom vs. Dak Draper Ends In Time Limit Draw, Dalton Castle Returns

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After failing to win the Pure Title at 19th Anniversary, Dak Draper requested to be moved from the Pure Division to the TV Title Division. Now, he starts a new climb with the goal of beating Tracy Williams for the TV title. That climb starts tonight, as he faces Eli Isom in a one on one match. Isom is hot after two big wins, beating Rey Horus and LSG, and won’t make it easy for Draper to take his spot.

Eli Isom Seems To Have Draper Scouted

After Code of Honor would be adhered too, these two would lock up. Draper shoved Isom into the corner with ease, but allowed the clean break. Isom got the rear waist lock, but Draper was able to counter out and shove him into the corner. Draper would finally drop Isom with a shoulder tackle, before Isom leapfrogged over Draper and hit a dropkick.

Draper would respond by flapjacking Isom over halfway across the ring. A deadlift gutwrench suplex would be almost blocked by Isom, who grabbed the leg of Draper before he was launched, but only to be stomped out after grabbing at the ropes.

Isom would come back with some strikes, but Draper caught an enziguri and looked for the Mile High Muffler, only to be countered. Draper would stay in control all the same, and yank Isom into some shoulder tackles. Isom got a roll up and looked for a suplex, only to slip off the shoulders of Draper.

Draper caught a crossbody attempt from Isom and tried to set up his finisher, but Isom had this scouted and slipped out. Some big arm drags seemed to finally get him somewhere with Draper, before being flapjacked onto the top rope. Isom would be able to counter the doctor bomb with a hurricanrana, again showing that he did his homework on Draper.

Draper would go to the apron, and hit an armbreaker over the rope before pulling Isom outside. A spinebuster on the apron would end up getting Draper a two count back in the ring, before we went into a commercial break. Coming back, Draper remained in control and went for the waist lock.

Going To Limit

After grinding Isom down some, Draper lifted him up and threw him aside. After some posing and trash talk, he’d club Isom down before looking for the Doctor Bomb. Isom broke free and hit an enziguri, before a rolling forearm and release Northern Lights Suplex.

He’d throw Draper to the outside, but the dive was dodged. Isom was persistent, and hit a moonsault to the floor, sending Draper back in for a two count off a crossbody. An arm trap German Suplex got a two count, but Draper countered an attempt at a brainbuster.

Some heavy handed chops came from both men, until Isom dodged one from Draper and took a punch to the jaw. A Doctor Bomb got a two count, and Isom was able to avoid the Mile High Muffler, until Draper hit the springboard back elbow. Isom was rocked, and Draper could finally apply his signature submission.

Draper was countered into a roll up, and Isom kept countering everything Draper had before going for The Promise. One last exchange, and this one hit a time limit draw, a disappointing result for sure. With a few more minutes, who would have won this match? Both men wanted five more minutes to find out.

What Is Dalton Castle Doing Here?

After another commercial break, Isom & Draper got their extension. Five more minutes to see who is better. They’d go to lock up, before the lights went out. Dalton Castle would be back with a new set of Boys and a pink suit. Draper & Isom would be annoyed, and Castle got a microphone.

He wasn’t here to fight them, and he’s been watching both these wrestlers since they got here. Castle made his way into the ring with the help of his new boys, and commented how things have gotten dull in ROH? They’re on TV, and while everyone wants to win? Castle wants to bring some drama back. He’d kick both guys low, and wander away.

What is next for Dalton Castle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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