Ring Of Honor Results: Eli Isom vs. LSG

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There is a new crop of singles stars emerging in the TV Title rankings and Pure division within Ring Of Honor. Two of these men are Eli Isom, and LSG. They are both former tag team specialists, but have been working hard to prove themselves as singles stars lately.

LSG has proven himself against Jay Lethal, which Eli Isom showed exactly how good he is against Rey Horus. They met in the Four Corners Survival match at 19th Anniversary, but neither man was able to claim a pinfall victory. Tonight, it’s one on one, and whoever wins will take a step closer to TV championship gold.

LSG Is Dominant Early On

LSG came into this one with some trash talking, flying high after recent pinfalls over Bandido & Tony Deppen, but they’d shake hands all the same for the Code of Honor. Isom would get a rear waistlock, but LSG countered into a crucifix pinfall. LSG was outsized by Isom, but still tried to grapple with him with a knuckle lock.

Isom would be taken down, as LSG showed his better wrestling skills early on. He’d get off the mat and send LSG into the corner, and hit some big arm drags. A forearm shot from LSG would miss, and Isom countered with a pump kick. Isom went to the apron, and took a boot to the face and fell to the floor.

LSG followed him out and nailed some heavy chops. Back in the ring, Isom was glad to trade these strikes but was taken down with a running forearm. LSG applied a cravat and linked those fingers to complete the hold. Isom had to fight back to his feet again and hit shots to the midsection before rolling out.

LSG didn’t let Isom stay in control, instead hitting a running neckbreaker. He’d choke Isom in the corner, before hitting the back suplex. Back to the cravat, LSG added in some knee strikes as well to add some extra pain to Isom during this hold. Isom would try to break free, and managed to get enough space to hit a neckbreaker.

Eli Isom Is Wise Beyond His Years

They’d both be down, but show life at a four count. Isom hit some forearm strikes, before hitting a ripcord exploder suplex. LSG was hit with a running forearm in the corner and a big spinning backdrop, but LSG slipped outside. Isom hit a springboard moonsault to the outside, dropping LSG.

Back in the ring, Isom hit the Double Arm Trap German Suplex for the two count, before setting up The Promise. LSG blocked the finisher and drove Isom into the corner and hit some chops. Rocket By Baby would hit before the springboard forearm landed. Saints Flowsion got a two count, before LSG went up top.

Isom met him there, and looked for a top rope exploder suplex. He’d be hit with some headbutts and fall down, and LSG hit a crossbody. Isom rolled through and drove LSG into the mat for a two count. LSG rolled to the apron, but Isom hit a spear through the ropes. Neither man felt good after impact, but they’d trade strikes and LSG rammed Isom into the barricade.
Isom barely broke the twenty count, but was in danger right away. LSG & Isom traded blows in the middle of the ring, and Isom got a roll up. He’d look for The Promise, but LSG slipped out and set up The StarJammer. Isom landed on his feet, hit that signature brainbuster and got another huge singles win.

With only one year of proper experience, Eli Isom is insanely good. Will he become TV Champion within the year? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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