Ring Of Honor Results: Rocky Romero Submits Delirious With Diablo Armbar In Pure Rules Match

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There is a lot of history between Delirious & Rocky Romero, dating all the way back to 2004 when they made their debut on the same ROH event. They haven’t met one on one since 2007, but Delirious can’t forget that match due to the scar it left him with. There is unfinished business here, and while previous matches between these two have been wild brawls, tonight they meet in the Pure Rules division. Romero is ready to dig deep though, and possibly even bring his deadly Buzzsaw Kick back.

Rocky Romero Represents NJPW Tonight’s

Romero showed up with his old Black Tiger gear and the mask in hand, a reminder of his best time in singles. Easy to forget he was once an IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! They’d trade a handshake, before getting into it. Delirious is hard to start against, and managed to get taken down with a hip toss. Romero looked for Diablo Armbar very early, and Delirious knew to fight out.

Delirious would use a pinfall attempt instead of a rope break to free himself, before applying a side headlock. Romero was ensuring that Delirious didn’t turn this into a chokehold, before getting the ankle pick. Delirious burnt his first rope break to escape a potential single leg crab, before grabbing a wrist lock.

Romero would fight Delirious off with some arm drags and a dropkick, before launching off a hard chop. Delirious fought back with a running back elbow, used some misdirection before the leaping lariat took Romero down. Romero came back with the attempt at Forever Lariats, but this time ‘Forever’ meant four lariats before a commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Romero was going back after the arm of Delirious with a hammerlock, before throwing some kicks. Delirious caught the leg and set up a neckbreaker, dropping Romero hard.

An elbow butt to the back and a snapmare would drop Romero briefly, before he’d be dropped to the middle rope. Delirious would look for his Cobra Clutch, and fought Romero to the ground. Romero used his first rope break to get free, before taking a slap to the face from Delirious. 

Delirious Fights Until The Bitter End

Delirious was quickly taken down with an attempt at a Kimura, but managed to get his foot on the rope, using his second rope break. Romero would hold on for a few extra seconds, knowing he had until five to break the hold.

Delirious took some knees to the midsection and was trapped in the ropes, before being kicked twice and hit with a dropkick to the ribs. Romero would go back to the arm, but Delirious planted him with the fisherman brainbuster in the middle of the ring. Delirious would have his bare feet stomped by Romero as an attempt to escape from his grip, but Romero was taken down and stuck in that Cobra Clutch.

Romero fought free without the ropes, but was thrown to the mat and hit with a rolling elbow for a two count. A jumping knee to Delirious was followed by an attempt at Sliced Bread, but instead he ended up back in the Cobra Clutch! Romero was able to struggle free and picked the ankle to reverse the hold, before getting a two count off a backslide.

One minute was left in the time limit, and Romero would kick Delirious in the jaw before Delirious punched him in the jaw with a closed fist. Romero would hit a falcon arrow into the Diablo Armbar setup, and once the arm was extended, Delirious tapped with just 9 seconds left on the clock!

Could you see Rocky Romero earning a shot at the Pure Title? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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