Ring Of Honor Results: VLNCE UNLTD & La Faccion Ingornable Ends In Insane Brawl

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Brody King realized that right now in Ring of Honor, you need a set of friends. He was in the main event of Final Battle 2020 against RUSH, and the numbers edge of La Faccion Ingornable was his downfall. That is a mistake he will only make once. Now, he leads Violence Unlimited (stylized as VLNCE UNLTD which really makes it feel like a crust punk band) and alongside ROH legend Homicide & Chris Dickinson? They start their war against L.F.I tonight.

Never Expect A Clean Fight From VLNCE UNLTD

This one was never going to be a clean Pure Rules match, and from the word go, it was a nasty brawl. RUSH, Kenny King & La Bestia Del Ring made their way to the ring first, and VLNCE UNLTD made their way soon after and L.F.I started throwing hands.

RUSH & Brodu met in the middle before rolling out the outside, while Dickinson & Kenny went at it in the middle of the ring. Kenny got Dickinson with a powerslam, and Bestia fought Homicide on the outside. Brody had his head crushed in a barricade on the outside before being choked with a cord.

Dickinson & Kenny threw kicks in the middle of the ring, before things finally slowed down a touch. During a break, the brawl kept going, with dives to the outside and huge slams aplenty. Dickinson was getting isolated, but broke out of Royal Flush and tagged Brody.

Thrown Out After Brody King Used The Steel Chair

Brody dropped RUSH with a blow before throwing Kenny into him and charging into both men. The cannonball landed in the corner, but Bestia broke up the pin with kick. Dickinson hit a Falcon Arrow, Homicide hit a senton, but RUSH kicked out at two.

Homicide was sent to the outside alongside King, and Dickinson fought L.F.I three on one, and was being beaten down. A diving senton from Bestia was followed up by a short double stomp from RUSH. Brody had enough, and swung a steel chair at the back of Bestia, and this one was thrown out.

He’d stomp Bestia, and RUSH smacked Brody with the chair. They’d knock a barricade down, and The Foundation got involved too. Looking to restore order to this violence with more violence is an interesting move. All hell had broken loose, and that’s how this show closed out.

What is next after this insane brawl? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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