Rob Van Dam Was Told By Vince McMahon That He Changed Professional Wrestling

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The Hall of Fame Class of 2021 was a star studded affair like usual. Kane was the headline attraction of the event, but he wasn’t the one who was told backstage by both Vince McMahon & Triple H that he changed the wrestling industry. That was instead Rob Van Dam, and it’s hard to deny these claims.

Rob Van Dam Gets Major Praise From Triple H & Vince McMahon

While speaking with Corey Graves on the After The Bell podcast, Rob Van Dam would talk about his time at the Hall of Fame ceremony. In particular, he had one story to tell.

”One thing that I want to mention that was the highest honor, at the ceremony, was when I talked to Vince and to Triple H. We were getting our photos taken, they both told me that I changed the style of wrestling. I mean, wow. That’s huge to hear that from them, and of course, I jokingly said, ‘For better or worse?’ They both said, ‘For better,’ and said that people that are trying to emulate me now are dangerous. I’ll always remember that. I would like to think that, that I was impactful on the style. Now it’s hard for wrestlers to stand out just by doing moves that are different because now that’s kind of a thing, to be a gymnast and do incredible moves.”

RVD stands out as someone who was ahead of his time, with his time in ECW & WWE showing work that shaped the modern wrestling style.

One More Run In WWE?

However, RVD has also proven that he can still go to this day. He’s been a free agent since exitting Impact Wrestling in 2020, where he had his final match against Sami Callihan. Now that he’s got into the WWE Hall of Fame, it could be time for another run in WWE. We last saw him there around 2014, where he mixed it up with the likes of Seth Rollins & Cesaro.

These same wrestlers are still around, as well as many others like Riddle who would have great matches with someone like RVD. A lot of the new crop of wrestlers grew up on RVD matches, and would likely be thrilled to wrestle one of their icons.

Would you want to see RVD have another run in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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