Shane Taylor Calls Out Samoa Joe For Match In Ring Of Honor

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When Samoa Joe was released from his WWE contract, fans and wrestlers alike were already setting up their lists of potential dream matches. However, one man was bold enough to simply call Samoa Joe out. This is one of the rising stars of Ring Of Honor, leader of Shane Taylor Promotions, Shane Taylor.

Shane Taylor Wants To Mix It Up With Samoa Joe

Leaving nothing up to interpretation, Shane Taylor called out Samoa Joe on Twitter saying the following. “No cap… @SamoaJoe I’ve BEEN WAITING! Why get paid to talk, when you can get paid to fight and the biggest fight in @ringofhonor right now is #TheBaddestOfAllTime Shane T! What’s really good?”

This kicked up some dust for sure, with fans agreeing en masse that this is a match they want to see. Shane Taylor has been making waves in ROH since his excellent run as ROH TV Champion, and is currently one third of the ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions alongside Moses and Kaun of Shane Taylor Promotions. If it wasn’t for the meddling of Kenny King, he might also be ROH World Champion right now, as he had RUSH on the ropes in their recent title match.

A Potential Main Event Level Match For A Past vs. Present Event

Considering Shane Taylor is such a rising star in ROH, it’s only natural that he’d want to face one of the best in the company’s history in Samoa Joe. No one has touched his 645 day reign as Ring Of Honor Champion back in 2003 & 2004, a reign which still goes down as one of the best in independent history. If Samoa Joe didn’t also spend time in TNA Wrestling (now Impact Wrestling) and focused solely on ROH, he likely would have gotten a second reign down the line.

We haven’t seen Joe in ROH since 2015 due to him signing with WWE, but when he was last there he was still challenging for the ROH World Championship. Since then, ROH has changed. But before the COVID-19 pandemic shut the show down, they were planning a ‘Past vs. Present’ show, which is self explanatory.

ROH didn’t get to run that show then, but it was a well received idea from fans and wrestlers alike. If they run this idea back, there is no reason not to have Shane Taylor vs. Samoa Joe on that card, even in the main event slot. The fans want it, Shane Taylor wants in, and Samoa Joe doesn’t like to turn down fights.

Do you see Shane Taylor vs. Samoa Joe as a potential future match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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