What Is Happening With Titans Coming To Apex?

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There have been a lot of rumours of what is going to happen in the next season of Apex Legends. This being Season 9 and with that are many different rumours pointing to a lot of different TitanFall content coming to Apex Legends.

After playing both TitanFall games, this has been exciting and also very scary. Apex Legends has got some elements of Apex already, mostly the guns but that pretty much it.

What Is Happening With Titans Coming To Apex?

At the moment, we don’t have any Legends that come from the Apex games or maps. Guns are the biggest link between both Apex Legends and the Titan Fall series. They have been confirmed to be connected and in the same universe.

No Titans in Apex

The big rumour is that we are going to get Titans in Season 9 is very unlikely for a lot of reasons.

One of the biggest being the fact that the developers have said that they are not going to include Titans. That’s only the start, as if we all think about how Titans may fit into Apex. It would be near impossible for one Legends having a Titans.

How do you balance a Titan? The only way to have Titans in-game would be to introduce Titans to every single Legend in the game. Respawn has said that currently, Titans aren’t on the road map of Apex Legends. If the plan is to give everyone a Titan in the future.

That doesn’t mean something from the TitanFall series isn’t coming in Season 9.

Titan Fall content still could be coming to Apex in Season 9

Titans seem very unlikely to be coming to Apex Legends really at any point. That doesn’t mean a character from Titan Fall can’t appear in Apex Legends. There are currently two Titans that are on my radar to be the next Legend.

One of them being the heavily rumoured Blisk, but I have my eye on Bish. In TitanFall, Bash is a Combat Intelligence Specialist that could have hacking type abilities. Nothing has been mentioned about Bish at the moment. But it seems very likely that we are going to get a Legend from the TitanFall Series.

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