Will The Young Bucks Turn On Jon Moxley?

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A story between the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega has been brewing since his heel turn in his match against Jon Moxley. A lot of this story has been told through BTE. Where we have seen Nick struggle with who he used to be and who he is today. After this week’s BTE.

When they were dripping in gold and ruthless, this has been evolving through the story through both BTE and the weekly Wednesday night shows. It feels like there is going to be something else on the cards for this feud.

It feels too easy

A match between the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega that also includes both Jon Moxley and the Good Brother seems too easy. At the moment, the match between these two sides feels like if it was going to be straight forward.

That would be saved for the PPV and the weekly show. The reason behind the Young Bucks siding with Jon Moxley rather than with his old friend. It just feels too easy for this to be the climax of all of the lead to old school Young Bucks.

Will we finally get heel Young Bucks?

At the moment, we have never had a full heel Young Bucks on AEW. They teased a heel turn back in their feud with FTR. But it never made much sense why they would turn heel when going up against FTR with them being the heels of the feud. This is most likely the reason why the build to the match is slightly small.

The Young Bucks turning on the top babyfaces of AEW with Jon Moxley. Then all 5 of them injure Jon writing him out of AEW for a while. This then leads to us not seeing Jon for a while and continues an entirely different story that might have been originally planned.

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