WWE 205 Live Results: Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese vs. Bolly-Rise (Chase Parker & Sunil Singh)

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Last week, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari were able to bounce back from two singles losses by picking up a tag team win over The Bollywood Boyz. Tonight they look to keep pushing forward on this front, as they clash with Chase Parker & Sunil Singh of Bolly-Rise. Can Chase Parker & Sunil Singh hope to hold off Nese & Daivari from getting a winning streak going? Or will tonight be the end of BollyRise?

BollyRise Start Strong

Singh would start with Daivari, and get put into the corner and pummelled with clubbing blows. After a knee strike, Tony Nese tagged in and blocked a roll up attempt before taking the arm drag. He’d capture the arm and get wrist control, before tagging in Parker. Parker got the arm drag himself, and kept control over Nese.

Nese was having his arm attacked by both members of BollyRise, before they hit a double shoulder tackle and hit low dropkicks. Singh was sent into the wrong corner, but fought off Daivari & Nese, until he was pulled to the outside by Daivari. BollyRise kept this one steady, before Nese took control back in the ring.

Singh was isolated as Daivari & Nese cut the ring in half, Daivari trapping him in the ropes before hitting some punches. Daivari threw Singh chest first into the turnbuckle, before tagging in Nese to stomp him down. Singh fought back with a jawbreaker, before nearly making the tag. Nese hit the spinning heel kick, but Singh kicked out.

Ariya Daivari’s Cheating Past Comes Back To Haunt Him

Daivari tagged in and applied a Persian Sleeper, and Singh was fighting hard. He’d send Daivari into the corner of BollyRise, and was able to hit a spinning heel kick to Daivari. Parker & Nese got tags, before Parker tripped up Daivari and hit an elbow drop. Parker dropped Nese with a Gory Bomb and Singh hit an elbow drop, before Daivari broke the pinfall up at two.

Singh would take the hotshot from Nese, who followed up with a springboard moonsault. Daivari was tagged in for the Persian Lion Splash, but Parker made the save at two. On the outside, Sumir Singh had something in mind. Nese took out Parker on the outside, and Daivari was slipped the gold chain by Sumir.

The referee would see Daivari with this, and this was enough of a distraction for Sunil Singh to roll him up in the ring for the win! BollyRise finally won a match! Can this faction build a win streak? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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