WWE 205 Live Results: August Grey Defeats Tony Nese With A Roll Up

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August Grey has been on a roll lately in WWE 205 Live, having recently picked up a major singles win over OG roster member Ariya Daivari. Even better, he was willing to do whatever it took to get that win, using the ropes for extra leverage on his pinfall. This impressed Daivari, who will be at ringside as Grey takes on a close friend of Daivari in former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese. A win here would certainly help both men on the way to a shot at new champion KUSHIDA.

Tony Nese Looks As Good As Ever

Nese & Grey would waste no time getting going, with Nese getting a waist lock and tossing Grey to the mat before flexing. Grey would come back with a rear waist lock of his own. Nese got the ankle and went for a submission before ending up in a side headlock. He’d fight free before getting caught once again and taken down the mat again.

Nese would get free again, before doing a moonsault off the top rope and sticking the landing before mocking Grey with some jumping jacks. Grey would take him down and do some jumping jacks of his own, before countering an arm drag and hitting a bell clap, only to be caught with a backdrop when he went for the headlock.

Nese would set up the pumphandle driver but Grey countered out and hit a drop toe hold onto the middle rope. He rushed in and landed on the neck of Nese, and slipped to the outside to hit a forearm shot to the face. Grey went to the top rope, but couldn’t fly as Nese caught him with the Shotei Palm strike. Nese would kick him up and catch him on his shoulders with a gutbuster.

Grey would be thrown into the corner, and Nese was really taking firm control of this match. Nese would drop him with a backdrop, before looking to expose a turnbuckle pad. Grey would catch him before he could get it off, launch him into the corner with a toss before catching him with a roll up for a two count.

August Grey Refuses To Take The Easy Win

Nese fought back with the pumphandle driver, getting a two count after impact. Grey wouldn’t let Nese keep rolling and got a running hurricanrana before being nailed with a spin kick and locked into a waist lock by the powerful legs of Nese. Nese wouldn’t be able to maintain the hold, before Grey foguth back and hit a jawbreaker into a neckbreaker.

Grey was thrown to the apron after some showboating, but he’d be able to stun Nese and hit the flying crossbody and a release back suplex for a two count. He’d block the stungun attempt from Nese and catch him with a cutter over the top rope. Nese landed on his feet out of the release suplex, and got a quick two count. Grey would come back with a superkick which sent Nese to the outside and hit a suicide dive.

Much like a recent match with Mansoor, Grey had the chance to get a win via countout, but broke the count at eight to end it in the ring. He wants the honest win, and last time didn’t get it. This time, he’d counter a roll up from Nese to get the three count in the middle of the ring.

Will August Grey refusing to take easy wins come back to haunt him in the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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