WWE 205 Live Results: August Grey vs. Mansoor

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Aside from the two champions in Santos Escobar & Jordan Devlin, no one has shined quite as brightly lately in the ring as Mansoor when it comes to the Cruiserweight division. He remains undefeated, and seems to get better in the ring every time he steps through those ropes. However, being undefeated puts a heavy crown on your head, and tonight August Grey looks to shoot himself to the top of the division by knocking Mansoor off.

August Grey Is Serious Tonight

When you’re facing someone with a 44-0 record, and who just dropped a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion in Angel Garza on Main Event? You need to be serious. Grey is deadly serious tonight, and went right for a headlock before Mansoor got a wrist lock.

Mansoor would be countered into a headlock, and Grey held on through the Belly To Back Suplex attempt. Grey would get free, but got tripped up and Mansoor got the side headlock. Taken to the corner after breaking the hold, Grey would dodge a chop before Mansoor rolled him up on the mat for a two count.

Mansoor kept the pressure on with a series of deep arm drags, before Grey countered into a headlock. Grey would be rolled up again after Mansoor broke free, and Mansoor hit a standing moonsault. Some heavy chops landed in the corner, but Grey fired back with a release back suplex for a two count.

Grey applied a cravat to keep the control, but Mansoor broke free and hit a clothesline. Things were getting physical as Mansoor hit a clubbing blow to the back, and a snap suplex. Mansoor applied a tight chinlock, also trapping the arm of Grey.

Who Can Stop Mansoor?

Grey fought free, only to take another clubbing lariat and end up right back in the chinlock. He’d fight out by putting Mansoor up to his shoulders, before his opponent slipped off. Mansoor was taken down with the rope walk crossbody, before a jawbreaker and neckbreaker landed for a near fall.

Grey went for a gutbuster, and Mansoor countered to get some pinfall attempts on the mat. He’d trade pinfall attempts with Grey but no one got past two, before Mansoor hit a big boot and Release German Suplex. Grey went for a tornado DDT, but Mansoor showed some power and stopped the hold and put Grey back on the top rope.

He’d look for the springboard dropkick, and Grey hit the Russian Leg Sweep off the middle rope. Mansoor fought back with a modified flatliner, before going to the top rope. Grey dodged a moonsault and hit a superkick and crucifix bomb before looking for So Much Prettier. Mansoor slipped outside, so Grey couldn’t pin him.

Grey could have taken the count out win, but he broke the count, wanting to win this one in the ring. Back in the ring, Mansoor won off a crafty small package. Should Grey have taken the countout win, and became the 1 in 44-1? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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