WWE News: Did Sami Zayn Tease A Kevin Owens Rematch?

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Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens had one of the best matches on the card at WrestleMania night two, which isn’t completely surprising given the talent of both guys involved. Owens eventually claimed the win after hitting the stutter on Zayn and getting the three count.

KO then hit another stunner on Logan Paul, who was ringside for the battle between the two former friends. The second stunner arguably received the biggest cheer of the night, as fans had been hoping that at least one of the superstars would have put their hands on the YouTuber.

WWE News: Possible Re-Match Between Owens/Zayn

Sami Zayn posted a cryptic tweet on social media this past week, with just the short caption of ‘Forever’. The post could simply indicate that the two superstars are set to feud for the rest of their careers, as they always knock it out of the park. However, you could delve deeper and suggest that the storyline between Owens and Zayn could continue until at least the next PPV.

In truth, it wouldn’t make much sense for the two superstars to clash once again this soon after, as Owens was a commanding victor in their match on Sunday night, but you would be hard-pressed to find fans that wouldn’t be against the two superstars going to battle once again as they constantly deliver excellent matches on a regular basis.

WWE News: Paul Comments On Mania Appearance

Paul himself also took to social media to reflect on his appearance at this past weekends WrestleMania. He posted a simple picture of himself and Owens in the ring, while an early Tweet also admitted that he had a lot of fun during the weeks. The YouTuber also couldn’t resist poking fun at one of his boxing rivals with a picture comparing him on the canvas to his opponent lying down on the floor.

Paul ensured many of the fans in attendance went home happy on Sunday night, as Owens delivered a stunner to the YouTuber. He sold the most well and was pictured limping to the back with medical assistance. It isn’t likely that Paul will be back on SmackDown this weekend, as his short stint with the company looks to be over. However, he could be back watching live action this coming weekend, as his brother, Jake Paul takes on Ben Askren in one of the most interesting celebrity bouts this year.

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